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Beginner’s Guide To Applying Bronzer Like A Pro (With Video)

Using a bronzer on your face is a great way to add an attractive, natural-looking glow to your face. A lot of people have wondered where it is all that important to your makeup. The simple answer is, bronzer is a very important makeup item to use if you want to perfectly complete your flawless makeup look. …

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Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Her Under $50

Thinking of a valentine gift for her which is under $50? Let’s take that stress off your chest! February is just some weeks away and Valentine’s day is fast approaching. It is that month of love we all look forward to. It’s normal on that day to want to have fun with a loved one(s), so it’s cool …


Is Illuminator And Highlighter The Same Thing?

The thing is, both highlighters and illuminators, also called luminizers, are fantastic when worn the correct way, and they also look best in artificial light adding a very subtle radiance to the skin. The good thing is that they don’t only need to be applied to the face as some people go ahead to dab …

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6 Powerful Beauty Benefits Of Cucumber You Should Know

There are so many beauty and even health benefits we can get from taking cucumbers. Feasting on the goodness at least daily and also using it in our skincare routine can help us in many ways. It gives a cool feeling when consumed and also leaves a refreshing feeling when applied on the skin. Cucumber …

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Simplest Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes

The last thing we all want is having bags under our eyes. While they typically are nothing to panic over, dark circles around the eyes can make you feel and look older and also cause you to use tons of makeup just to keep it out of sight. It’s a good thing to know that by …