12 Most Expensive Makeup And Beauty Brands That Will Amaze You


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Makeup is definitely one of the most sold products all over the world as they are very important to women of every class or even age. It’s of extreme necessity that in a bid to enhance their appearance and look better, every woman owns at least one makeup item. There are a whole lot of brands offering ranges of various product lines and so among the most expensive makeup and beauty brands, trust me there are a lot of them fighting for the top and so it can be a bit difficult to arrive at who is the winner among them. But still, you will agree with me that this list is accurate and as you read along you will see just why these brands are expensive.

Know This About Expensive Makeup And Beauty Brands


Women spend an estimated $100 billion per year in buying cosmetics (makeup inclusive), so there are multitudes of brands existing and some cropping up all over the world. Just have a good makeup product idea and boom, you are in business. You get branded, you (or your product) become known by a fraction of people in the beauty world and you are all set.  Does that sound familiar? Okay, you will see a brand that leveraged on that and is now on the list of most expensive makeup and beauty brands.

Some brands offer something different and totally unique such that their customers are very much satisfied with what they got and so they are gradually climbing the ladder to becoming one of the most expensive makeup and beauty brands. Another thing to note is that some brands that may not be the most renowned, are still one of the priciest in the market.

Why are some makeup and beauty brands so expensive? Well, let’s just say due to their high quality, flexibility (improving and rolling with trends), wide coverage and even customer satisfaction make these makeup and beauty brands stand up the rest. Customer satisfaction here means their products having that effect on the skin and leaving you looking like a star without even applying so many products at a time.

List Of 12 Most Expensive Makeup And Beauty Brands Worldwide

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of makeup and beauty brands fighting for the position of most expensive you can’t even tell which would be the number one. Let’s look at the most expensive makeup and beauty brands in the world right now which most women would love to own:

1. Chanel:

This French Privately owned company Chanel was started by Coco Chanel in 1909. It takes pride in making elite and exclusive products that cannot be matched in elegance, quality, and reliability. The company is one of the most expensive and luxurious brands which charges massively high prices for its products because of elegance and exceptional quality contrary to all of the others. It will surprise you how you’ll think this ‘small’ lipstick below is very expensive until you give it a try and fall in love with your lips!

chanel lipstic with high quality
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The product range is impeccable and flawless which means you are definitely going to get value for your money.

2. Kylie Cosmetics:

Yes, Kylie’s made it to number two! No surprise there. hehe. Who’s surprised here? No? okay. This is an American makeup/beauty company founded in November 2015 and owned by Kylie Jenner. It was formerly known as Kylie Lip Kits; this is not surprising as it’s got a very great collection of lip products. Any colour, shade or type of lip product you won’t find on the store. Here is my favourite matte lipstick. The products are very expensive but you will be carried away by the beauty and class of these products that the prices may not matter much to you. Just don’t go to the store with the cash you have set aside for something else as you’ll come back wondering where it has gone!

3. Clinique:

Clinique is the number 1 dermatologist recommended skin care products (I use their body lotion. lol). The company opened in 1968 and has its headquarters in New York. Their products are dermatologist and clinically tested and recommended for most skincare problems. Their night creams, moisturizers, and concealers are superb and most customers are very pleased with the fabulous effects Clinique products provide. They have got good quality products and trust me, these don’t come with cheap tags. An example is this eyeshadow below.

quality eyeshadow from clinique
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It looks like something you can just snatch off the counter when you walk into a regular store, but trust me, their products are made with quality materials that you can only get from them.

4. Christian Dior:

This is one of the most prestigious and elite companies in the world. Commonly known as Dior, it is a French luxury goods company founded in 1946 by the legendary designer Christian Dior. Dior creates amazing and timeless products that every woman yearns for. The company deals with a wide range of skincare products, makeup, fragrances, fashion accessories and so much more. Their makeup line is quite exquisite as it offers all kind of high-quality makeup products that are easy to use and gives the perfect finished look women are proud of. With good products come ‘great’ prices. So, if your wallet is not overflowing with cash, you may not even afford a simple compact powder.

5. Oriflame:

This has become one of the most popular makeup and beauty brands all around the world today. Founded by two brothers John and Robert Jochnick (there’s a thing going on with siblings starting a company together. hehe) over 40 years ago in Sweden. It is widely acknowledged for its innovative, incredible, high-quality and novel products. Check out this talc bouquet from them and see the wonders a simple powder can do to your face!

oriflame talc bouquet powder for smooth face
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With more than 100 experienced scientists and state of the art research and development facilities, it puts into use some of the latest technology to produce unique and progressive trending products. This goes a long way to meet and satisfy the customers’ needs making it one of the most expensive.

6. Elizabeth Arden Inc:

This popular and high-quality brand was founded in 1910 when it provided advice and beauty product suggestions. They started to supply beauty products during World War 1. And since then this company has made major strides by offering an extensive range of luxurious and high-end range of makeup and beauty products around the globe.

These products are widely loved as it offers innovative and creative ways that benefit the skin leaving it flawless and beautiful.

7. Artistry:

This brand is pure perfection. It is one of the most expensive makeup and beauty brands in the world and for all the good reasons. They produce high-quality products with creative solutions for some of the most common skin problems. Have a look at this exact fit long-wear foundation that sits well and fits all face types. A single-use and you will find yourself buying more bottles.

artistry exact fit foundation
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Artistry uses healthy fruits from Africa and the Mediterranean region to manufacture their makeup products. This is to ensure their customers are happy with the product they purchase and can obtain great results. This makes them one of the product brands that people are happy to have and is worth their money.

8. Estee Lauder:

Estee Lauder is one of the esteemed makeup and beauty brands in the world. The brand offers a wide array of products that are of high quality and comes with a hefty price. Some of its best products include mascaras and lip colours. You will totally agree when you check out their product collection.

9. MAC:

This is among the costliest makeup and beauty brands in the world and is popular for its exclusive skincare products. It provides solutions to some of the world’s most common skin problems and exquisite makeup products.

Launched in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, it was first predominantly for professional makeup artists and other makeup students who wanted to expand their knowledge in the field. Today, it has become general with its elite products now available to all customers. Many customers love it because of their quality and easy usage of their products and so can pay anything to have it. One of such is this Natural skin-finish compact powder below.

MAC natural skin-finish compact compress powder
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10. Mary Kay:

Launched in 1963, this is one of the most advanced makeup/beauty brands all around the world. A privately-owned company with headquarters in Addison, Texas and a trusted global name. It is many women’s favourite skincare product which is the largest direct-selling company in the world.  Mary Kay invests a whole lot on their staff which includes the best artists, scientists and dermatologists using the most advanced technology to produce products that are up to the level of their customer’s satisfaction.

11. Smash Box:

Smash Box is an elite makeup and beauty brand that has the ability to bring out the best in anyone.  People who work under lights, actions and camera enjoy it better. Founded by Davis and Dean Factor, it’s technically a photo studio makeup brand. Smash Box specializes in oil-free makeup products that will leave a perfectly flawless finish and makeup glow under studio lights. It has got a one of a kind specialized oil used in their products. They are quite expensive given the high-quality ingredients used in making them. Look at this contour kit made with so much love and can fit all skin type.

smashbox contour kit
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Though they specialize in a lot of makeup and beauty product, they are famous for their lipsticks and eyeshadows and that is also their main speciality.

12. Avon:

Avon is yet another expensive makeup brand that provides quality makeup products loved by many. They manufacture some of the worlds most effective and fabulous skincare, anti-ageing products and even light-adjusting makeup. Established in 1932, this company has always provided its esteemed customers with some of the best and timeless products they get great results from. So it’s normal that one is expected to pay good money to get great products.

makeup table in a studio with expensive makeup and beauty products

This list of makeup/beauty brands includes the best and the most expensive in the world that is totally worth your money. They have given their all into producing the best makeup products in the world. They are made with high-quality ingredients that justify the costly prices. These are mostly used by professional makeup artists and celebrities. Due to its ability to keep the skin clear and flawless, everyone is going for it. And you can be the next on their list!

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