6 Fantastic Beauty Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil


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Orange oil is simply the essential oil of oranges. Yes, oranges are very common fruits but the oil itself isn’t as widely known as the orange itself. Different from orange juice, the orange essential oil can be extracted from the rind of oranges and this can be used for many health and skin issues, ranging from acne to chronic stress. If you are yet to enjoy the numerous amazing benefits of orange essential oil, especially its skincare aid for beauty, this might really interest you. Orange oil’s ability to naturally enhance immunity, aid treatment of acne, chronic stress, and other health concerns is gradually making it an important item in people’s skincare routine.


Brief History Of Orange

Did you know that oranges weren’t consumed until the early 16th century? Initially, they were only used as decorative
trees. Later, they discovered its properties and started consuming them. As of 1987, orange trees were found to be the most cultivated fruit tree in the world with its trees widely grown in tropical and subtropical climates for their sweet fruit. Orange belongs to the Rutaceae or Citrus family and has a distinct, tangy flavour. It has a characteristic flavour and holds a valuable place in the world of traditional medicine and organic products. Oranges are popular because of their natural sweetness and wide availability. It is a type of citrus fruit that is very closely related to lemons, limes, tangerines, and grapefruit. Check out the interesting history of oranges on History of Things.

What Is Orange Essential Oil?

Orange essential oil, like other citrus oils, comes from the rind of the fruit and research shows that this part contains even higher levels of vitamin C than the fruit itself! It is an oil used as a flavouring agent in soap, desserts, confectionaries, and most importantly, used to aid skincare routine. Orange essential oil is extracted from the rind of fresh or partially dried orange fruit. Orange essential oil is rich in vitamins, minerals, and bio-enzymes. It is gradually becoming a part of foods, drinks, and confectioneries industries over the years. And the uplifting and warm aroma of the oil makes it a part of perfumeries as well. Today, it is becoming an important part of many people’s skincare routine as the skin benefits are becoming numerous and more interesting as new things about it are been discovered occasionally.

Any difference between orange oil and orange essential oil?

If you are wondering if there is a difference between orange oil and orange essential oil, know today that they are both the same thing. Orange oil has been a popular folk remedy and this is credited to its phytochemical content. It is used in treating various conditions that include the immune system, low libido, indigestion, skin infection, fatigue, and cold. orange oil is most commonly referred to as orange essential oil. The colour of orange (essential) oil is usually pale yellow to orange. The consistency of the oil is thin. And the smell of the oil is sweet, citrusy, fruity, and always fresh. For this post, I’ll be using the two names interchangeably.

Properties Of Orange Essential Oil

The orange essential oil has lots of therapeutic properties which makes it stand out from the rest and is a good reason for you to get started with it. Some of them include:

  • Preventing bacterial growth
  • Preventing fungal growth and infection
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving pain, convulsions, contractions, and spasms
  • Neutralizing toxins
  • Protecting against virus and germs
  • Enhancing blood flow
  • Promoting faster skin healing – wounds and sores
  • Getting rid of bad smell
  • Perfect cleanser and detoxifier
  • Softening the skin


What Is Orange Essential Oil Good With?

The oil is good for many things that can improve your overall health, such as all the properties listed above. The high content of antioxidants and organic compounds makes this oil highly versatile and useful. In order to get better results, some people may want to add extra oil to it. If you want to know what blends with orange oil, it blends most oils like Carrot seed oil, Cinnamon oil, Frankincense oil, Cedarwood oil, Ginger oil, Grapefruit oil, Jasmine oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Lemongrass oil, Myrrh oil, Nutmeg oil, Rosewood oil, Sandalwood oil, Ylang-ylang oil etc. Being a citrus oil, it blends well with other citrus essential oils.

General Uses Of Orange Essential Oil

Today, the orange essential oil has a different domestic (flavour in beverages, desserts, confectioneries etc), industrial (in soaps, body lotions, sprays, deodorants, creams etc), medicinal (in spasm, convulsion and pain aid, antiseptic etc) and beauty uses (for anti-ageing, wrinkles, etc).

You can use orange essential oil in a number of ways. Some people choose to freshen their clothes by adding some oil to their laundry; others use it in diffusers to give the entire room an energetic boost. You can use it topically to improve the appearance of your skin in case of acne or eczema or put it in some boiling water and inhale the steam to relax your nerves. others ways you can use it include:

1. Cleaning Soaps:

Limonene, which is contained in orange oil, is a natural grease-cutter and solvent. It is particularly effective at cleaning pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. You can make a powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning solvent when you mix orange oil with castile soap. Adding a teaspoon of orange oil to a bottle of castile soap gives you a great all-purpose cleaner which is safe on sensitive skin.  It can also come in handy in your kitchen as it keeps your kitchen free from germs and ensures that it smells great.

2. Bug Repellent:

Insects hate limonene, and a small dab of orange oil can keep them off of you for hours. It can kill fleas, aphids, mites, fire ants, house crickets, paper wasps and some flies. By dabbing some around your neck, arms and other exposed areas, you will notice a decrease in bug bites. You can also place a little limonene oil around the house to ward off bugs.

3. Deodorizing Agent:

A drop or two of orange oil can easily mask bad smells in no time. Rubbing or dropping a little orange oil inside a stinky place/container. Some commercial deodorizers contain limonene, which can also be found in orange oil, as a cleaning and deodorizing agent. You can even make your own deodorizer by adding thirty drops of orange oil to two cups of baking powder. Pour in a can, shake well and start using.

4. Helping With Constipation And Spasms:

Constipation is one of the main causes of diseases and other complications in your body. Also, it turns your body lazy, dull, and lethargic. However, orange essential oil helps to cure constipation. It induces heat and helps ease digestion. Also, massaging diluted orange oil on your abdomen helps you to clear your stomach. Spasms, on the other hand, can result in many irritating or serious problems including continuous coughing, convulsions, muscle cramps, and diarrhoea. To avoid these, spasms must be treated early or prevented entirely. This can be done by topically applying orange essential oil, which relaxes muscular and nervous spasms.

5. improving Your Sleep:

With a hectic lifestyle, people tend to suffer from sleep problems too. There are many reasons that can make sleep so difficult. If you find it hard to sleep, keep all your worries aside, stay relaxed and try to get some sleep. If you still find it hard, then orange essential oil can act as an aid to improve your sleep. It is a good sedative, helps you to fall asleep fast, and makes sure that you have a healthy sleep. All you have to do is diffuse the oil for a while in your room. Calm down before going to bed and inhale its aromatic compounds while it works to send you to sleep.


6. Improving Your General Health:

The orange essential oil helps with multiple types of cancer. Doctors have also used limonene to break up gallstones, and there is some evidence that it can lower cholesterol levels. However, orange oil or any supplement containing limonene is no substitute for proper medical treatment. Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking a limonene supplement or ingesting orange oil for any medical reason.

Beauty Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil

Whether it is to boost your immunity, detoxify your system, or help you get glowing skin, the orange oil’s beauty benefits are much. Orange oil also works well in maintaining a healthy, smooth, and glamorous skin. Here you will find 6 fantastic beauty benefits of orange oil:

1. Powerful Acne/Breakout Fighter:

If you have been struggling with acne and other breakouts, here’s your chance to kiss them goodbye. Orange oil has been shown to effectively fight bacteria that causes breakouts. Instead of going for harsh products that promise to clear your acne or breakouts and may end up leaving you worse than you were, it’s important to find healthier, natural solutions.  Orange oil is one of them and can be used as a home remedy for acne and breakout. Use a tiny amount combined with coconut oil on a cotton ball that you can apply to the affected area. Redness, pain and swelling from acne should also improve with this. If you want faster results, try using it with other powerful oils like geranium oil or cinnamon oil.

2. Maintains A Glowing & Healthy Skin:

The use of orange oil to maintain healthy skin isn’t new. Oranges are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Citrus fruits are known to provide high levels of vitamin C that help protect and heal skin, making oranges one of the best vitamin C foods around.  So this means that orange essential oil is also very beneficial for fighting signs of ageing like wrinkles and dark spots since its high vitamin C content means it can help to promote the production of collagen. This also helps you to fight inflammations, spots, and blemishes on your skin. Applying diluted orange oil regularly keeps your skin moisturized, radiant, and nourished. Thanks to its antibacterial, anti-infectious, antioxidant, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties, you can be sure to have your skin healthy and glowing in no time.

3. Skin Rejuvenation:

Along with lemon oil and sandalwood oil, orange oil is a great natural remedy to fight signs of ageing and keep your skin glowing at a youthful pace. With its potent antioxidant power, it defends the skin from free radicals whilst also promoting collagen production. The result is usually a smooth, youthful and plumped skin. With its remarkable ability to inhibit melanin production, orange oil slows the rate of skin damage experienced from UV light exposure, pollution and toxicity. In hot days, sunrays are the worst enemy for your skin. Rubbing diluted orange oil on your face/body will tone and refresh your skin in a jiffy.

4. Helps In Detoxification:

The human body encounters various harsh chemicals every day which have to be excreted from the body. When toxins accumulate in the body, it creates problems. Orange is well-known for its diuretic properties. Therefore, a detox bath with orange oil once a week helps in eliminating the toxins via water leaving the body. All you have to do is add 1 – 2 drops of orange essential oil in your bath water and soak yourself in it. This will leave you fresh, energetic, and active. Also leaving your skin clear and radiant all day long.

5. Promoting Skin Clarity:

Orange oil is a good source of antioxidants, polyphenols, and vitamin C, and it helps in removing dark spots, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing from your face, neck and skin. It gently exfoliates your skin to reveal brighter skin every day. Mixing orange essential oil into a carrier oil (if concentrated) or in your favourite face or body cream can give you a smooth, flawless skin.


6. Reducing Cellulite (Stretch Marks):

Cellulite is embarrassing and common among many people. It is a myth to say that only obese people have stretch marks. The fact is that even super slim people can have cellulite. Improper blood circulation and fat deposits are the main causes of stretch marks. They occur when fat deposits push through connective tissues beneath your skin. All you have to do to manage this is to dilute 2 to 3 drops of orange oil (if you have the concentrated one) in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Use it to massage your whole body and concentrate
more on the stretch marks. Trust me, proper exercise, diet, and regular oil massage would significantly reduce it on your skin.

How Orange Essential Can Be Applied

Orange oil can be applied in different ways to suit your skincare and beauty needs. The reason why you need the orange essential oil in the first place will determine how you will apply it. Here are 4 major ways it can be applied:

1. Topical Application:

This involves a direct application to your skin. It can be on a wound, scar or sore, as it has healing properties. Or you could just be applying it for its beauty benefits, in your creams or with other oils. It is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of the skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditions. If you are buying orange oil that is highly concentrated, make sure that you dilute the oil before using it to avoid it irritating your skin. Ensure you do a patch test first before you proceed to use it.

2. For Aromatherapy:

This can also be applied for its aromatherapy benefits. Simply diffuse the oil using a diffuser or a vaporiser and leave in your room. Its pleasant scent has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect that helps reduce pulse rate. This helps you to get rid of stress and anxiety too, while also giving you a sense of positivity and hope to fight depression too. It can not only create a warm environment but can also stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system and eliminate airborne bacteria.

3. By Ingesting:

If you are wondering if the orange essential oil is safe for food, know today that orange essential oil is generally regarded safe to be used in food as long as it is solvent-free. However, if you are ingesting it for medical reasons, I’ll recommend you to consult a doctor first.

4. During Massage:

Orange essential oil is known to increase blood flow. This is known to relieve discomforts associated with inflammation, headaches, menstruation, and low libido. It can also relieve stress, abdominal pain. Medicinally, it reduces the incidents of painful and reflexive muscle contractions, and also help relieve indigestion or improper digestion, and congestion of the nose.

Any Side Effects Of Orange Oil?

Like most things when used excessively, the orange essential oil may have side effects. To prevent these side effects, it should be used in moderate quantities. Attempting to take, or use it in heavier dosages or with much stronger combinations of essential oils to achieve better or faster results is not entirely a good idea. Some things to keep in mind when you get this oil include:

  • It is phototoxic and that means you need to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 12 to 24 hours after applying it.
  • Always make sure that you use the oil fresh as anyone that has stayed for too long may not work well on your skin. So be sure to check the expiry date if you are buying from stores.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using orange oil to avoid contact with the child.
  • Keep the oil away from the reach of children and pets.
  • Topical application may result in discolouration of the skin if used excessively.

Where to buy Orange Essential Oil?

You can buy orange essential oil from a majority of natural health and whole food stores where other essential oils are found. Orange oil is also commonly used in aromatherapy applications, so aromatherapists are also good places to purchase this oil from. Fortunately, it’s not very expensive and highly effective! Orange oil can sometimes be adulterated with synthetic limonene. So, make sure that you buy the best quality oil for therapeutic purpose. If you want one from Amazon, I will recommend this Pure Cold Pressed Orange Oil Concentrate – 32 oz (D-Limonene) by Green Gobbler. If you are in Nigeria, here’s a contact to get one from.

In conclusion,

with these numerous uses and benefits of orange essential oil, you will agree with me that it is a must-have for every home. As long as you are not excessively using it, you will enjoy every bit of the oil in your beauty routine.


So, have you had experience with this oil? What was it like? Let’s hear it below.


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  1. This oil in your face cream can brighten your face within a short time. I’ll recommend you buy the already diluted one so you don’t have to get worried about how to mix it and which oil is best. Just add to your cream and use as usual.
    Your skin will love you for that!


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