All You Should Know About Clarins Double Face Serum – 2021 Review


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When it comes to products we use on our skin, there is no doubt we would always want to use the best. So, it’s normal when we hear a lot about a product and then take interest in it. If you have been hearing about Clarins Double Serum and you want to know everything you can about it, this post is for you.

Here, I will share with you all you need to know about the Clarins Serum; its features/benefits, a full review of the product, analysis of the ingredients and answers to a few questions most people have about it.


What Is Clarins Double Serum?

Clarins double serum is an anti-ageing serum that is formulated with active ingredients to keep your facial skin glowing and youthful. It contains 21 active ingredients, which are plant extracts including the blend with turmeric and the new star ingredients.

The serum was launched in 1985 and could be regarded as Old Millennium. This anti-ageing serum is a breakthrough and an achievement in science as new ingredients and innovations have been discovered.

A little about the new Clarins Double Serum with turmeric

Turmeric has now being added as part of its ingredients due to its anti-ageing properties and other essential properties like Photographing and Reducing oxidative stress. Other super essential materials present in the serum also include Mary Thistle and Cocoa ingredients with anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidants.

If you will like to overhaul your complexion, using a good amount of this turmeric blend of serum will create a big difference. The turmeric blend is designed in such a way to deliver a concentration of vital ingredients and to also give your facial skin the most attractive and shining surface you can ever imagine.

Features of the Clarins Double Serum

This anti-ageing facial skin serum comes with a performance to optimize the efficiency of the skin’s crucial performance, which includes:

  1. Oxygenation
  2. Hydration
  3. Nutrition
  4. Protection
  5. Regeneration
  6. This Clarins Double Serum is definitely a multi-tasker that does it all and delivers just as promised.

Benefits of using the Serum

There are so many benefits one’s skin can enjoy just from using this serum. Here are some of the benefits that might interest you:

  1. Clarins serum contains particles that are small enough to penetrate your skin. This is an indication that Clarins Double Serum is effective and works faster.
  2. The serum is rich in ingredients that help the skin fight against ageing and radicals. Such ingredients include ginger and edelweiss and these ingredients are referred to as double serum antioxidants as they neutralize the radicals on the skin by giving them free electrons.
  3. Clarins Double Serum has a sweet vegetal scent and it is light enough to be applied to almost any part of your body, especially the face.
  4. The double serum can clear any mark or traces of ageing skin, to make your skin smoother and finer.
  5. As an additional benefit, the bottle also comes with a made-to-measure dosage to ensure you apply an adequate amount of the serum to your skin.
  6. With regular usage of the serum, your facial skin will become firmer and more youthful.
  7. The serum guarantees that radiance and smoothness will be restored to your skin, in a more attractive and glowing form.
  8. It can clear wrinkles and fine lines with ease.
  9. Your pores will be less visible and tightened in just a short time.
  10. Clarins double serum is optimized with essential ingredients to improve the smoothness of your skin, it also prevents dry skin and wrinkles.
Is the Clarins Double Serum worth it – hype and money?

Yes, the Clarins Double Serum is worth the hype and also the money for all the benefits the serum can give to your skin. People totally love this serum as it delivers exactly what it promises.

It will be interesting for you to know that with over 35 years of record, the Clarins Double Serum is being sold every 5 seconds! If this isn’t enough proof to show how much people love what they get from it, I’m not sure what else is.

Honest 2021 Customers Reviews About The Clarins Double Serum

It’s an agreed fact that Clarins Double Serum is an anti-ageing serum that comes with a lot of sweet benefits. However, no matter how good a particular product is, it cannot please everyone.

So, I gathered reviews from those who have used the product, and those who are still using it; to enable you to decide whether using the product or not is your best choice. I dropped both the good and bad reviews just the way they said it so that you can make the decision yourself:

The good reviews

  1. “I apply this serum to my skin every day, and I’ve been receiving compliments from my co-workers at work on how my skin is taking a finer and smoother look.”
  2. “I particularly love the serum because it’s a very good serum that won’t leave your skin with a feeling of being dry or greasy.”
  3. “Honestly, this serum makes me look younger and makes my skin even more radiant.”
  4. “I used to have very large pores before I stumbled across an advert displaying this serum. I tried it, and I swear, I started seeing impressive results on my pores in the second week!”

The bad reviews

  1. “It’s a bit expensive for a serum that small.”
  2. “I have got very, very sensitive skin and the serum didn’t agree with my skin. It was also making my skin red or so. I guess the serum is not for everyone.”
  3. “I’m a little above 70 years of age and didn’t observe much difference after using the serum.”

I believe after comparing both the good and bad reviews, you can finally decide if this is for you or not. But it’s quite obvious that the good reviews have a bigger weight than the bad review. It’s all up to you though.

Features and Benifits of the Most Powerful Anti-Ageing Concentrate Double Serum

Is Clarins Serum any good?

YES, Clarins double serum is a lot more good than most double serums you’ll find out there. It has proven to be the best anti-ageing serum that effectively works to give a firm, smooth, and radiant skin.

Are there any side effects for using Clarins Double Serum?

The serum is formulated with your skin’s health in mind and so it’s not made to cause any side effect on the skin. However, based on some customers experience (especially those with super sensitive skin), some of the side effect you MAY likely experience when you use this serum include:

  • Redness of skin
  • Skin irritation
  • Greasy feeling on your skin

Bear in mind that this does not apply to everybody as it’s based on individual skin type. You may choose to see your specialist before using it to explain if there are side effects your skin might encounter from using the serum based on the ingredients used in manufacturing.

What are the major ingredients found in the Clarins Double Serum?

The major ingredients used in the formation of this serum is essential for everyone, who cares for their skin, to know. This is because you may want to avoid it if you find some ingredients you are allergic to. And from there you can tell if the serum is just what your skin needs. So here are the major ingredients found in the Clarins Serum:

  1. Turmeric
  2. Marssampire
  3. Cocoa
  4. Mango extracts
  5. Cang Zhu
  6. Sourwood leaf extract
  7. Beefsteak plant extracts
  8. Avocado oil
  9. Pistachio extracts
  10. Arnica Montana flower extract
  11. Kiwi fruit
  12. Phenoxyethanol
  13. Hyaluronic acid
Review of the ingredients in the serum

To give you the best, the serum makes use of several ingredients to prevent your skin from ageing. Though it is said to be ideal for all skin types, not all skin will react the same way to certain products or ingredients.

With the ingredients of Clarins double serum that will be listed and explained below, you will be able to decide if the product is ideal for your skin type or not:

  1. Turmeric: This ingredient is used due to its high anti-ageing and lightening properties because it contains a high amount of antioxidants.
  2. Marssampire: This ingredient contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals to regulate the water level in the skin cells.
  3. Cocoa: The extract from cocoa is nourished with a high amount of antioxidant polyphenols, to keep your skin from dehydration and ageing.
  4. Mango extracts: The mango extracts are rich in fatty acids and keep your skin fresh and young always.
  5. Cang Zhu: Cang Zhu possesses a scientific name Atractyloides Lancea root. This ingredient has been used in most Chinese skincare products and it is known for its effectiveness in keeping the skin fresh.
  6. Sourwood Leaf Extracts: This ingredient has the scientific name Oxydendrum arboreum and works great for skin hydration
  7. Beef Steak Plant Extracts: This ingredient has some risk of skin sensitivity, however, it’s used for its natural antioxidants. It has a scientific name Perilla Ocymoides, it’s generally used for antioxidants.
  8. Avocado Oil: The avocado oil helps in replenishing the skin because it contains essential materials with antioxidant properties it’s also known as Persea Gratissima.
  9. Pistachio extracts: This is used to tighten pores, it’s also known as pistacia lentiscus. Oil gotten from this plant is used for astringents properties.
  10. Arnica Montana Flower extracts: Though, this can cause skin irritation if improperly used, the product is still been used for antibacterial and antimicrobial purposes.
  11. Kiwi Fruit: This product is a powerful source of Vitamin E and is been used due to its natural antioxidant properties. It also makes your skin radical-free
  12. Phenoxyethanol: This extract is used as a preservative in skincare products.
  13. Hyaluronic acid: It helps clean traces of lines and wrinkles on the skin and it also protects your skin against dehydration.

How Effective Is Clarins Double Serum?

The Clarins Serum is very effective when it comes to delivering promises it made. Based on Customers Reviews, and as confirmed by more than 80% of its users, it is very effective that you will start seeing results within some days of applying the product to your skin. You will surely get clearer and smoother skin in no time.

Some results of Clarins Double Serum – before-and-after use

To show you how effective this serum is in delivering good results, a lot of people have taken to the Internet to share their before and after pictures showing results, they got from using the serum.

If you also want to see picture proof before using this product, that’s totally okay. I have gathered pictures of those that have used the product so that you can see the effects. Here are a few of the before-and-after pictures of people who have used this product and shared publicly:



Double Serum 7-day result

Clarins Double Serum pictures

And lots more! You can do a quick google search to see more before-and-after pictures. Trust me, you would be amazed by all you see.

Answers to common questions people ask about Clarins Serum

As a product that has stayed very long in the market and that ha stolen the heart of many, of course, people would want to ask questions to know more about it before choosing it. Not to worry, here are answers to the most common questions people have about the Serum. If you go through them and you can’t find an answer to the one you have in mind, feel free to leave it in the comment box and I will answer it and add here.

* Update, you can click here to see a full list of Frequently Asked Questions And Answers  About This Serum.
1. How and when to use the Serum for best results

To get the best results out of this serum, before using it you need to exfoliate and clean your face properly. Then you can proceed with a facial mist or toner before applying the required amount of this serum on your face and neck.
Note that exfoliation should only be done twice a week. So, on days you won’t be exfoliating, be sure to wash your face with a mild soap, go in with a good cleanser and toner before using the serum.

To apply the serum, press out the required amount you need, warm the product between your hands, apply it gently on your neck and face, make sure to touch all areas – forehead, cheeks, jaw etc.

Double Serum Complete Age Control Usage Guide

Clarins serum shouldn’t be used more than once or twice daily. But always endeavour to use the serum before your moisturizer, because the water and oil molecules in it are quite smaller in size than your normal moisturizer or cream.

2. How long does it take to start seeing results with the serum?

The best part of Clarins Double Serum is that within 7 days of use, you will start getting very impressive results. You can get shiny and radiant facial skin after a few use. And with consistent use, you will get the satisfaction of smooth, stronger, and firmer skin.

3. What skin type is best to use the Serum?

Clarins double serum is ideal for all skin types, however, some skin may react differently to certain products even if the product has worked for many. If you have very, very sensitive skin, you are advised to consult your skin therapist before using the product. They can help go over the ingredients with you and see if it’s safe for you.

4. Is Clarins Double Serum good for acne, dark spots, and other blemishes?

Yes, the main function of Clarins double serum is to give your face a smoother surface. It has the necessary ingredients like avocado oil, turmeric, Cang Zhu, which makes it effective for clearing acne and blemishes.

5. Why is the bottle having dual-Chambers?

The iconic serum is formulated with unique plant extracts that are housed in the double power-packed container. The complete age control serum contains two separate Chambers, the first chambers contains 30% of oil and 70% of water, to maintain and mimic the structure of the skin. And the two different chambers use lipidic oil and hydric serum.

It is known that the bottle has two chambers because not all plants are soluble in water. In addition to this, the separate chambers prevent the two different ingredients from mixing up and spoiling the whole work.

Also, the bottle comes with a dial that allows you to control the amount of serum that flows out. You can use the droplet settings to control the dispersed dose, based on your skin needs.

6. How much Is Clarins Double Serum?

The current price for Clarins double serum on their official website is $58 for the 30ml serum, $78 for the 50ml size serum and $156 for the luxury/large size. You can find them a bit higher on other websites like Amazon, eBay and the rest. That’s understandable because these guys are e-commerce sites and need to gain from their sales.

You may also find the price slightly lower on some websites and walk-in centres. If these places are accredited and trusted, you can buy from them as the company do sell at discounted wholesale prices to them. But be sure to look out for all the signs that show it is the real product.

7. Where can you buy the Clarins Double Serum?

For getting this online, the safest price to buy this product from, to avoid any chance of buying a fake product, is directly from them. You can do that on their official website but keep it in mind that they do not ship worldwide and this is why they have accredited sellers, like Amazon, to handle the worldwide service.

You can click this link to go straight to the page on Amazon where you can make your purchase and have it delivered to your doorstep.

But if you are looking for accredited walk-in shops, you can try Walmart, Sephora, Ulta and other popular skincare stores around you.

8. What is Clarins Double Serum in Nigeria?

The price of this Serum in Nigeria ranges between N25,000 to N68,00 for all three sizes. The price differs from store to store and from seller to seller so I cannot pin-point a price and call it an average. But bear it in mind that you can always find it within the range of the price earlier mentioned.

If you are in Nigeria and you want to get this from a trusted seller, click here to get it on Jumia or you can click here to get it on Konga.

Does the Serum have fake in the market?

Just like many other products that are selling great, the Clarins serum has got the fake product circulating too. It’s unfortunate that counterfeit products have so much saturated the market, and if one is not careful enough, one would buy the fake one, thinking it’s the original.

However to avoid the mistake of buying the fake version of this product, endeavour to buy Clarins directly from their store or from their accredited stores.

Clarins Double Serum real VS fake product; how to identify the real one

Fake products usually look so similar to the authentic ones, and differentiating them could be quite difficult. Fake skincare products pose a lot of danger on our skin, as the ingredients used in manufacturing the fake ones are usually an imitation of the real one and could even be outdated ingredients.

One major way to avoid buying fake products is buying directly from the seller or their accredited dealers. However, if you have already bought Clarins double serum, and you are confused about whether the product you bought is original or not, or you want to buy now and you are interested in knowing how to differentiate them; the few tips below will help you determine that:

  • Pay attention to the packaging

Clarins double serum will be well packaged if it’s coming directly from the manufacturer. If you notice the seal is broken, or part of the product is missing, then it’s definitely a fake one.

  • Check the bar case serial number and manufacturer information

One important tip that can help you determine the fake product is by checking the bar code. Check to see if the barcode on the pack matches the one at the bottom of the bottle. Be sure enough that the barcode carries the country’s number. Also, check the manufacturer’s information, if it tallies with the one on their official website. And if there’s no bar code at all, that’s a huge red flag.

  • Pay attention to the smell consistency

Clarins double serum has a high and strong floral perfume scent. The smell of this product lasts for a very long time. If you buy Clarins that has a foul smell, or a smell that vanishes after a short time, then it’s a fake product.

  • Unreal discount

Clarins serum is a bit pricey and so if you go elsewhere to buy it and the price looks too good to be true, then you should be doubtful about the authenticity of the product. Not all that glitters is gold after all.

  • Obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes on the package

The good thing with Clarins is that they do not just invest in giving you a good serum, they also invested in the packaging. Their product has great packaging with writings that are clear and error-free. Before buying any, check the sentences on the product, if you find a lot of typos there, then it’s a fake product. Authentic product of Clarins, won’t have typos on their products.

  • No contact details or fake details on the package

If you can’t find contact details on the product, or what you find is incorrect, please do not buy the product.

  • Do a patch test before buying it

If you are not buying this product from a virtual market, then you are advised to do a patch test before buying to be sure whether it’s original or not. Simply apply it on a small area on your skin and feel the texture if it’s smooth and light enough to easily penetrate your skin.


Some people will claim that Clarins authorized a third party to create their products and circulate it. DO NOT be deceived by this. Clarins are so concerned about the overall care of their users and they won’t risk having someone else make their products in their name.


Now we have established the fact that Clarins double serum is an anti-ageing serum formulated with the essential ingredients to keep your facial skin glowing and youthful.

After reading everything here, do you think it’s something you can try? Have you used this product? What are your thoughts about it? Feel free to leave your comments in the box below and if you have questions about it, you can also drop them there; I read and respond to every comment.

2 thoughts on “All You Should Know About Clarins Double Face Serum – 2021 Review”

  1. This serum is one of those old products that really focus on safe, natural and effective results.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a bad review about it from friends I’ve recommended it to. It’s a nice product really.

  2. I’ve been using a vitamin C serum and when I wanted to switch, someone told me about this.
    It’s impressive how you broke this down to this level. It really helps one know if they really made the right choice. I’m glad I chose it.



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