Amazing Ways Rice Water Can Benefit The Skin


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Who would have thought that the extract from rice otherwise known as rice water could be really beneficial for our skin? The amazing ways rice water can benefit the skin, its importance and just how we can use it to pamper or soothe our skin will definitely have you keeping bottles and bottles of them in your fridge so you don’t run out!

The best part about this is, it’s easily available, cheap and anyone can use to their advantage. Before blowing your mind with the benefits of using rice water for our skin, let me quickly brief you on the term “Rice Water”.

A Little You Should Know About Rice Water

First, what is rice? Rice is a cereal crop belonging to the grass family whose seeds act as a source of carbohydrate and widely used as food by man. Rice has been a stable source of food for many particularly those from African and Asian countries. For the Asians, the Oryza sativa is the most prominent while in Africa, Oryza glaberrima is the name given to the African rice.

With that being said, let me point out that rice water is simply the liquid extract or milky substance that comes out from the cereal plant.


What You Find In Rice Water

Knowing the different methods you can use to get rice water, it’s also important to know that rice water is suitable for pampering our skin and has amazing contents that will benefit our skin in many ways. Want to know what’s In Rice Water? Rice water contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and minerals capable of brightening and lightening our skin.


Different Methods Of Getting Rice Water

  1. Parboiled Rice Method
  2. Cold Water Method

They are a lot of methods one can use to get the extract from rice otherwise known as rice water from the cereal plant. Out of the numerous ways, I’ll show you the two most effective ones which are:

  1. Parboiled Rice Method: This is by far the most effective way of getting all the nutrients that comes with using rice water for your skin issues.

The steps to take to do this are quite simple. Getting the extracts from parboiled rice is quite easy and anyone can do it. Here are the steps outlined in the simplest way for you to get rice water through parboiling.

Steps to get rice water by parboiling

  • Measure some reasonable amount of uncooked rice in a bowl.
  • Ensure you wash them with water at least two times to ensure that they’re free from dirt.
  • Pour the washed rice in a medium-sized pot, add some reasonable amount of water to it – remember it’s the water we are after here.
  • Place on the fire and boil for some minutes.
  • Go ahead and sieve out the water from the parboiled rice using a sieve. Try not to get rice into the water in the process.
  • Then allow it to cool down for a while. And that’s it! Your rice water is now ready for use.
  1. Cold Water Method: If you really don’t have time, this method might just be what you need. It’s quite simple and doesn’t take much time. It may not have all the complete nutrients like a parboiled one, it can still work just fine. Here are the steps to get rice water without boiling:

Steps to get rice water without parboiling

  1. Measure one or half cup of uncooked rice and pour in a medium-sized bowl containing some amount of water.
  2. Allow it to sit on the bowl for 10-15 minutes then sieve out the water from it.
  3. Go ahead and use the water for whatever purpose you deem it fit immediately or after a while.


Rice Water Benefits For Facial Skin

  1. Treat Aging Skin
  2. Treat Sun Burn
  3. Soothe And Clear Acne/Spots
  4. The Perfect Toner
  5. Cleanse The Face


  1. Treat Aging Skin: Is your skin ageing so fast? Don’t panic, rice water is just what you need to revitalize and bring to life your ageing skin. Rice water helps to smoothen the skin, reduce pore size and tighten the skin.
  2. Treat Sunburn: If you’re constantly suffering from sunburn probably because of the harsh weather condition, grab your rice water to kiss that sunburn goodbye for good. This antioxidant coupled with other vitamins and compounds loaded in it can soothe sunburn and leave you feeling better. Simply dab some rice water over the surface, and wash off after some hours.
  3. Soothe And Clear Acne/Spots: Rice water is a perfect inexpensive home remedy for soothing and clearing all sorts of skin related problems like rashes, pimples, acne, spots, blackheads etc. It does this by acting as a powerful astringent on the skin and helps calm and soothe redness, itchiness on the skin.
  4. The Perfect Toner: Rice water makes the best skin toner which tightens your skin leaving it firm, smooth and radiant all day. Just dab a cotton ball in a bowl of rice water and massage your face with it for that glowing skin.
  5. Cleanse The Face: Rice water is an excellent face cleanser and should be used every day for more radiant-looking skin. Just take some cotton wools, dip into the rice water and dab your face with them. Don’t be in a hurry to wash them off, allow them to get soaked in properly before washing it off. Do this every day and you’ll be amazed how good looking your face will become.


You will definitely agree with me that rice water which is readily available can help your facial skin in a lot of ways without any need to do anything harsh or expensive. If you want to skip the whole process of making rice water yourself and just get one, here’s a very good one on Amazon from Uhuru Naturals which I recommend

So, have you used rice water for your skin before? Thinking of trying it? Let’s hear your mind below.


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