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As agreed by the brand and many of its users, Skineal is designed to help one achieve a radiant complexion by improving the look of skin tone, reducing the appearance of facial blemishes and acne scars, and helping to smoothen the skin. Though this can be obtainable with the product, there are still a lot of things about the product which is not clear to many.

In this post, I will be providing answers to those common question people have about the Skineal Triple Action Cream which have been used by many since the launching of the product, I will show how to identify the original one, and also let you know if it is something I can recommend for anyone.


Questions people ask about Skineal

With a product like Skineal, there would always be endless questions on the lips of many regarding one thing or the other about the product. I have been able to gather a few of those common and pressing questions and provide answers to them. Here are some of them:

PS: I will keep updating this section with new questions I find and can provide the answer. Feel free to drop them in the comment box if you have any.

  • Is the Vixa Skineal Cream safe?

The Skineal cream is clinically proven to be safe. However, you need to understand that this product is a skin treatment/drug, stuff like this can be harmful when they are abused or used how and when they are not prescribed. I STRONGLY ADVISE that you get a doctor’s prescription before using this particular treatment and whatever you do, try NOT TO USE IT FOR MORE THAN 2-3 WEEKS.

  • Is Skineal Cream safe to use when pregnant?

As a result of the ingredients used in this cream, Skineal is not safe for use during pregnancy. The cream can penetrate skin layers and get into the bloodstream so it is better if you just stay away from using it while pregnant. Please consult with your doctor if there is a case-specific recommendation.

  • What is the function of skineal cream?

This tube cream functions as a skin treatment that can be used in the topical treatment of fungal infections of the skin including Tinea manus, Tinea Pedis, Tinea Corporis, Tinea Cruris, Tinea Versicolor, Dermatitis, Allergic reactions such as Eczema and Pruritus.

  • Is the Cream safe for use while breastfeeding?

As with pregnancy, it is advised that you do not use Skineal cream while breastfeeding, especially when your baby is still tender. You can also discuss this with your doctor if there is a recommendation for this.

  • Is it safe to use Skineal on kids?

Skineal is a very potent cream and can be harsh on the skin of younger people while also giving them unpleasant side effects. This cream should not be used on children below the age of 12years, especially without a recommendation from a doctor. This is because if used wrongly, any damage it leaves on their skin can be more permanent than when their skin has aged more.

  • Can Skineal clear dark spots?

According to their official statement, Skineal doesn’t clear dark spots, but they have another one called Vineal that removes dark spots effectively. However, many people who used Skineal have said that it helped lighten their dark spots at some point so this can go both ways depending on each individual.

  • What is the work of the Vixa Skineal?

The Skineal tube effectively performs the work of an anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cream. It can help to relieve and prevent itching, reduce inflammation, destroy and prevents the growth of fungi, and also destroy and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

  • Can you use Skineal Cream for inflammatory skin conditions and fungal infections?

Skineal cream can and should be used, for inflammatory skin conditions and fungal infections as it is one amazing anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory cream, Just be sure to consult your doctor first and keep the usage to only 2-3 weeks.

  • Is Skineal a bleaching cream?

As a result of the ingredients found in this cream, it can be called a bleaching cream as it can even get you shades lighter just for using it for a short while.

  • Does Skineal cream bleach the skin?

Absolutely yes. This cream can bleach your skin when used consistently for a while. The bleaching result can still linger for some time even after the user has stopped using it. It will also require a healthy skin routine with safe product usage to be able to get your skin back to normal if you used Skineal cream to bleach your skin for long.

  • Can the skineal cream be used on the face?

Yes, the antibacterial cream can be used on the face if you have an infection, blemish or condition you want it to work on and take care of.

  • Should I mix Skineal with other body/face products?

You should never try mixing Skineal with any other skin product, be it cream, serum, cleanser or whatever. People tend to mix the Skineal with their body cream, but this is the wrong thing to do. Doing this will result in swelling of the area where you use the finished mixed product. It is best to use the Skineal product alone whenever you want to treat an area of your skin.

  • How long does it take for Skineal Cream to show results on the skin?

For many users of this cream, it takes an average of one week for them to see results and improvements in their conditions. Some have seen results in just a few days and some saw improvements in the fourth week. This only goes to show that it is best to speak with your doctor first before using it to have an idea about how long you need to use the Skineal Cream yourself.

  • Does Skineal contain steroids?

Yes, Skineal contains strong steroids which can cause serious side effects. With steroids, it can make your skin look nice at the beginning, but when the use becomes long term, it can lead to unnecessary stretch marks as it can affect the functioning of the skin making it difficult to maintain its elasticity. And of course, there is the risk of steroid-induced pimples showing up, and this is worse and very hard to get rid of,

  • Can I use skineal for my private part?

The best part down there where you can apply this Skineal is the inner thighs because Skineal can be used to lighten the dark thigh area but SHOULD NEVER be used directly on the private part area. If you want to use something directly in the private area, you should go to a doctor for a proper prescription.

  • Can you go out after using the Skineal Compound Ketoconazole Cream?

As with some of the side effects, you might experience drowsiness or a slight headache after using Skineal Cream. If this happens, then you may have to stay indoors or remain at a spot to feel better. Do not forget to speak with your doctor if you get any of these effects while using Skineal Cream.

  • Can you stop using it immediately or do you have to slowly stop the use?

Some treatments may have to be stopped gradually and not be stopped immediately because of rebound effects. For the skineal cream, you can stop using it once you notice there have been improvements in the area you are treating. However, keep in mind that you must not exceed 3 weeks of using it, whether or not you notice any improvement.

  • How to stop using skineal

Stoping the use of Skineal is just as you stop many other products. When you have gotten the results you are looking for you can cut down the use of the cream from daily to twice/thrice per week. From there a single use per week before you finally stop using it completely. But, if you have actually been using this cream for months, running to years, you may have to adopt a safe, natural product use to ensure that the Skineal cream doesn’t leave harsh results on the skin.

  • What is the price of Skineal Cream?

In the Nigerian market, the Vixa Skineal cream costs between N500 to N2000 per pack, depending on the location and seller you are getting it from.

In the US and other European countries, the Skineal cream is around $10-$43 also depending on your location and the seller.

  • Where can you buy a Skineal Cream?

You can buy this cream in standard shops, stores, supermarkets and pharmacies around you. You can also check reputable online stores or vendors like this one on IG to get one. Just be sure you know how to identify the original one so that you do not fall for the fake one or imitation.

How to identify original Skineal triple action cream

Just like many effective products in the market, Skineal has got many of its imitations and fake going round the markets and disgusting as the original one. You may have got one yourself without knowing because they look so much the same unless you can start paying attention to the details.

The fake and the original one look alike but just remembering some important things would help you differentiate the two. First, let us take a look at both of them.

Photo of original Skineal cream



Photo of the fake Skineal cream


First of all, the very obvious difference is the “VIXA” written right in front of the “SKINEAL” at the front of the product. But not so fast! Do not assume that every product that has the “VIXA” visible is the original one. Notice the difference in the size of the pack, the original one is longer and slightly slimmer. Notice the font size and style, the design and colours. Keep in mind that all these features on the original one are shinier and the colour is sharper compared to the fake one. The original one also comes in a very unique and thick rectangular paper pack and the tube has a smooth, circle-like shape with a round cover, unlike the fake one. The content is usually rough for the original one, but when it is d fake it comes out very smooth like a normal gel.

If you can, memorize how the original box looks like and what the product inside also looks like. This will help you always buy the original one whenever you are out to buy it for yourself. And of course, you can always check the pack of the cream to locate the barcode and then type that into a search engine to see if the details shown is corrected.

What happens when you use Skineal for long?

The ideal length of time to use Skineal is between 2-3 weeks max, depending on what you are treating. Many things can go wrong when you use Skineal for too long. Some of them include:

  1. Using creams like Skineal for a long time, can clear the good bacteria on your skin and give the more dangerous bacteria room to spread. This good bacteria would have helped to prevent other harmful organisms from colonizing the skin surface, but with its disappearance, you can experience more infections, constant irritation and discomfort.
  2. Long use of Skineal cream can strip your skin of healthy substances and leave your skin vulnerable while also making your good bacteria faulty by affecting how they function.
  3. It can cause antibiotic resistance. Normally, excessive use of topical antibiotics is directly responsible for increasing antibacterial resistance.  So, when you develop such resistance, especially to topical antibiotic creams, this can also affect the effectiveness of oral and IV medicines thereby leaving you with no effective antibiotic to use if you have a serious infection.
  4. Long term use of most antifungal creams, including Skineal, can disrupt the skin ecosystem leading to resistance. Over time they can get absorbed into the bloodstream and can lead to side effects like liver damage and even heart failure.
  5. Since this cream contains steroids, it can affect your body’s ability to produce its natural hormones leading to massive withdrawal symptoms when you finally stop using it.
  6. Using steroids can cause your skin to get thin and make you more susceptible to injuries that are unable to heal properly.
  7. Creams containing steroids can make your skin look nice at the beginning, but when the use becomes long term, it can lead to steroid acne which is worse and very hard to get rid of, and also unnecessary stretch marks as it can affect the functioning of the skin making it difficult to maintain its elasticity.

Can I recommend the Skineal cream?

I can recommend Skineal cream to people who want to quickly get rid of their pimples, infection, acne, rashes, blemishes, eczema, melasma or discolouration, especially stubborn ones. It works to do these as long as it is used with prescription, under a doctor’s supervision and for a short period (2-3 weeks max).

However, I do not recommend it if your reason for use is to bleach your skin or use it for a long time. The truth is, using a steroid for bleaching your skin is terrible enough, not to mention using something much worse like triple-action creams of which Skineal is one. Keep in mind that Skineal is a treatment cream and this means that it should only be used if you have an infection with bacteria or a fungus or you have an inflammation. It is also supposed to be applied over a small area, not on the whole body as many people are doing now. And most importantly, it should be used for a short time, at a maximum of 2-3 weeks not for years, it is not a body lotion!



There is just so much to say about this Skineal cream. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that the cream is an effective one that works to give amazing results when treating skin infections and other conditions. However, using this for more than 3 weeks, or outside the prescription from a health practitioner can lead to more harm on your skin than it would want to take.

If you need it to get rid of skin infections or facial blemishes, then you are sure to enjoy it. But do not get carried away by its effectiveness and use it longer than the recommended time. Your skin would not thank you for that and you would end up with more issues than you started with. Check out this post to learn a lot more about the Skineal cream, its uses, effects, ingredients and people’s reviews.

So, let’s hear your thoughts about this cream. Have you tried it? If yes, what was your experience like? If not, do you see yourself buying it after reading this? Feel free to also leave any questions you may have about it below.

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