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You will agree with me that memes are gradually getting more people interested in it and gaining lots and lots of popularity today. There are different types of memes out there ranging from lifestyle, beauty, sports, makeup, fashion memes etc. No matter what you love most and are interested in, you will realize that you enjoy all the types of memes available. For this post, I selected my very own top memes that will make your day anytime. Whether you’re a makeup/beauty lover, a makeup addict or merely a makeup enthusiast, these makeup/beauty memes are something you would want to see and definitely save to your phone (go on, it’s totally fine).

What Are Memes?

Oxford dictionary points out that meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. Dawkins invented meme as a quick way to pass on social values, memories or culture from one person to another.  Through the internet, memes have grown very popular as the internet is the quickest way to pass information and watch it spread in no time.

Top 54 Most Hilarious Beauty/Makeup Memes That Will Keep You Entertained

There’s no better way to ease yourself from stress from work or relationship than to laugh off your stress by going through funny captions, watching hilarious videos or merely going through a piece of text. It’s humourous and has this calming effect that can help you to overcome depression, lighten your mood and increase longevity. Just as long as you stumble on the right ones (yeah, there are some that can ruin your mood and day totally) you will surely have a good laugh, or just a smile splitting your face. Don’t forget that smiling and laughter can help us as individuals in many ways than one. Choose to be happy irrespective of what you’re going through.

Here are my top 54 most hilarious beauty/makeup memes to keep you entertained anytime. I know a lot of girls would relate well to these! lol:


1. Eyeliner goals be making us look like brand ambassadors!



2. We gotta light up the weekend!!!

3. We got this baby! Lots of experience already!!


4. Hello!!! No one is home!!!! or Just blend everything at 120% speed of light!


5. Even in my nude makeup, I don’t look the same!


6. Sure you want to start this argument right now?!


7. He’s the one! Let’s just get married already!!



8. And how about what I like the most?!



9. Exam questions in no distant time!



10. You should know better than to underestimate the power of primer!



11. I see you want to get on my bad side hun!


12. I’m gonna let it shine!



13. My dreams aren’t always how it appears in my head!



14. Oh yeah, I’ll help you indeed!



15. Oh no! You did not just do that!



16. T’is the season to be jolly!



17. But there’s still a little bit of time, right?!



18. Where did I ever go wrong?!



19. I guess not every wish is a reality!



20. Don’t worry girl, we know how to get back at you!



21. Suuuuuure, have you seen my makeup desk?!



22. But who asked for your opinion?!



23. My friends would definitely understand that I can’t really help my makeup addiction!



24. Ya think? Because you are talking to the most super confident woman behind a makeup face!



25. The trick is definitely not in one glass!



26. I’m just gonna wear just what I like!



27. Well, I can still let it breathe tomorrow, right?!



28. My makeup is definitely a fortune on its own!



29. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!



30. I’m feeling maself, I’m feeling ma, feeling me, feeling maself!



31. Hmmm. Not bad for someone without talent.



32. To summarize it all, one SEPORAH would do! 😁



33. Girl, you can never relate to the struggle!



34. It’s not as easy as it appears you know.



34. I literally want to date myself right now!


35. After all my hardwork, I can’t even wear it for another day!



36. I don’t remember asking you know!



37. I’ll simply pretend that I did not just see that!



38. Where’s the paparazzi when you need them?!



39. Well, let’s just say I love taking myself by surprise!


40. I’ll rock my falsies like the real goddess I am!


41. Even if we are, we would be sold out before you say ‘makeup’!

42. What a total waste of my precious makeup!


43. TRAITORS!!!!! That’s what y’all are!


44. Last time I checked, it’s called ‘my lashes’!

Beyonce-makeup-memes45. He’ll never know what it is *evil laugh*


46. When I say ‘I’m on my way’, I meant ‘give me one more hour’. Actually on my way to the mirror to begin my artwork!


47. Oh, I got so many colours you can never imagine!


48. Good thing I came out looking my best! My hardwork sure paid off.


49. I feel like a reigning powerful and untouchable queen!


50. In case you never knew, makeup is magic!


51. You know what this means right?!


52. Yeah, y’all know I’m the expert here!



53. You are kidding me, right?

54. Yes? Can I help you?


Lol. These are my best collection so far and honestly, I love number 20 because I can totally relate to that.

What’s your favourite number from the list? You can post it in the comment box below! Feel free to drop anyone you might have come across that you loved too. I’ll love to see them!


PS: This list would keep being updated with more of my favourite makeup/beauty memes, therefore, be sure to keep checking back here for more. You can also check out our Instagram page to find more of this (Don’t forget to hit FOLLOW)!


Here’s to wishing us all a Merry Christmas this year and beyond!


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