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I have been getting a lot of questions and comments from people who want to buy or intend to buy this Cai ke Red Ginseng Face Whitening & Spot Removing Cream. They are always concerned about what the cream can do to them and so they wanted to hear my review about it. Though I must confess that I haven’t used this particular face cream myself, I decided to take the time to reach out to people who have used it in the past or are currently using it to share their own experience about it. If you have it in mind to purchase this face cream or you already have, you need to read this post to read all about it.


Yes, it is officially spelt “CA IKE”, but I’m already used to CAIKE and I don’t want to get them mixed up in the post so I will be sticking to the latter.

What Is Caike Face Whitening & Spot Removal Cream?

Caike face whitening and spot removing cream has been around for more than 8 years. It is a herbal face whitening and anti-spot cream that can help remove dark spots on your face while also whitening your face for a clearer and even skin tone. It is basically a pigment removing facial cream that can handle your facial spots perfectly leaving your face clearer, spot-free and brighter/whiter. And of course, it is extracted from red ginseng plus pearl essence and also suitable for all skin types, both male and female.

How Effective Is Caike Face Whitening & Spot Cream?

This 25g Caike Red Ginseng whitening and spot removing cream is great for spots on the face and aiding in whitening the face. It can also help to remove facial freckles by promoting blood circulation that will help them disappear in a short time. With this face cream, you are sure of a clear face with an evened-out face tone, a smooth and brighter face too.

The activating and whitening formula can help remove various melanin, spots and acne on your face in a short time. A long-term use too can treat and repair the rebirth ability of skin cells and also solve skin problems like sallowness, dark spots, ageing, wrinkle and lusterless. This will effectively prevent the spots and freckles from regenerating thus, leaving your facial skin smooth, snow-white, clear and beautiful.

What Are The Ingredients In Caike Face Cream?

It may be a little difficult for English speakers to read the ingredient list as a good number of the product circulating has got writings in Chinese. While getting the correct and complete ingredient list may be a bit difficult due to the reason mentioned, I can still provide you with the main contents of the face cream. The main ingredients of the Caike face cream include extracts of red ginseng plus pearl essence, alga, hamamelis, arbutin, aloe and other activating elements. Red ginseng is the major ingredient due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Features Of The Face Cream

Some features of the Caike face cream include:

  • It is effective for sunburn on the face.
  • The face cream is suitable for all skin types.
  • It has been clinically tested.
  • You are guaranteed premium quality.
  • Caike face cream is great for clearing dark spots on the face.
  • It can help clear wrinkles and freckles over time.
  • Results show fast and long-term use can give you more.
  • Your face gets brighter and whiter with time.
My Honest Thoughts/Review On Caike Face Whitening Cream

Agreed, Caike face cream gives a natural tone to the skin and gently remove blemishes to reveal clearer and beautiful skin. But let us have it in mind that this product contains natural/synthetic chemical substances that can be used in order to lighten the skin tone or even the skin’s complexion by lessening the concentration of melanin on your skin. People who have used it and shared their experience with me said that it was actually giving them the results they need.

Unless it has been improved recently, as at the last time testing was done by the Centre for Environmental Justice/Friends of the Earth Sri Lanka; the concentration levels of mercury detected in the Caike face cream is quite high. The level goes as high as 19699.10 ppm or mg/L, this is really too harmful to the face if you ask me. It is general knowledge that any skin lightener or whitening cream that contains mercury could be damaging to your kidneys, could injure your nerves or lead to permanent numbness or tingling in some parts of your body without you knowing it. Applying a substance with mercury on your skin can get absorbed and pass through your skin and sometimes get into your bloodstream.


Frequently Asked Questions About The Face Cream

Many users around the world who have bought this face cream or are thinking about getting one for themselves, always have one question or concern in their mind. Having seen most of them, I have decided to provide answers to them so that you will be sure that the caike face whitening and spot removing cream is really what you want. Here are the major questions people ask and the answers I have provided:

  • How good is caike face cream?

This particular question is usually on the lips of many buyers but new, old and intending. Of course, everyone wants to be sure that what they are spending money on would actually work for them. So for this question, caike face cream is very good and delivers all the claims the product promises the user. The only reason this face cream won’t work for you is if you have serious skin problems that require medical attention. Have it in mind that creams can’t always work where medication is the answer.

  • Can the face cream clear pimples, sunburn, blemish and dark spots?
Yes, this Caike face spot removing and whitening cream can help you clear freckles, melasma or chloasma, butterfly spot, sunburn, age pigment and other stubborn blotches on the face.
With delicate and powerful affinitive texture, its effective ingredients can be instantaneously absorbed by skin, inject fresh energy source for skin, erase such troubled marks as fine lines, roughness, pigmentation, pores, muse, uneven complexion and acne. Recovering natural vitality of the skin and creating constant, fresh and moisturized beautiful skin.
  • Is the caike day and night face cream the same?
When buying the Caike face cream, bear it in mind that there are different types. There is one with papaya essence, there is one that is a herbal whitener and there is another that is made as day or night cream. For the day and night cream, it is not the same as one is mostly used in the morning when you are getting ready. The other one is for night use and should be used right before you hit the bed. They contain different ingredients and should only be used accordingly.
  • Does the Caike whitening and spot removing cream whiten the face?
This Caike was specially formulated to whiten the face and clear spots so yes, this face cream can whiten your face and help remove your spots effectively. Consistent use can give you a clear snow-white complexion.
  • Can I use the facial cream to tighten my pores?
While this cream is majorly focused on whitening your face and clearing spots, it may not really help you tight your facial pores. However, if you are looking to tighten your pores, here are the 2 Most Effective Ways to Unclog, Tighten & get Rid of your Facial Pores.
  • What is the price of the caike spot cream?
The price of this face cream surprisingly is not the same both online or offline like in malls, cosmetic shops or supermarkets. But not to worry, I did a price survey and from the various prices I got, I was able to arrive at the price range this face cream can be gotten. This will help you in the sense that you will know just how much you need to budget when buying this. The price of the caike face cream is between N500 – N3000 for Nigerians and $4.90 – $15.90 for people in the western country.

If your country’s currency is different from any of these, you can convert it to your own currency using a currency converter to get an estimate of what you have to pay. And if you get to the point of purchase and you get the cream at a cheap price, that’s fine as long as it is the original product. But you most probably won’t get it more than this price range.

  • What age can use the spot removing and whitening face cream?

Caike face cream can be used by any legal-aged person along as you do not have overly sensitive skin or one that is prone to react to new products.

  • Where can I get the Caike whitening face cream in Nigeria, other African countries or western countries?

This Caike whitening and spot removing face cream is mostly a product for Asians so it’s kinda difficult to get this on popular online retail sites like Amazon. But if you are in Nigeria or any African country, you can get it by clicking right here to check it out on Jumia. For Western countries, this link will take you to the page on Aliexpress to make your purchase.

  • Are there any side effects of using the Caike face cream?

As earlier mentioned, the cream contains mercury and that alone is harmful to the skin if used over a long period and the skin absorbs much of it into your body. I will really advise that you switch to a safer option if you intend to achieve the same results with little or no side effects.

How to get rid of the brown patches caused by the face cream

Sometimes, as a result of using the fake product or maybe your skin reacting to it, you may experience brown patches on your face. If you ever notice such, quickly discontinue use of the face cream and try any of these ways of clearing your face:

1. Using aloe vera gel/juice:

You can massage aloe vera juice or natural aloe vera gel directly to the dark spots and leave for like 30 minutes before washing off every morning and evening.

2. Using aloe vera gel and lemon juice:

Get a small quantity of natural aloe vera gel that will be enough for the spot and add a drop of lemon juice. Mix it together and massage this over the spot or your whole face if you choose. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing off.

P.S Don’t use lemon juice alone as it is acidic and can irritate your skin. The aloe vera gel helps to reduce its effects so you have to mix it.

3. Using aloe vera gel, cucumber, lemon juice & sandalwood:

Take the aloe vera gel and add some freshly grated cucumber, a drop of lemon juice and 1tsp of sandalwood powder. You can apply this on the spot and let it dry completely before washing off with water.

Aloe vera has shown dramatic results in helping improve dark spots, patches and pigmentation over time so this is your best shot right now.

Try any of the above and you’ll notice a better skin colour on your face after some time.

How To Spot Fake And Real/Original Caike Whitening Spot Cream

Just like many products that have entered the market and fulfilled all promises they made, the Caike face cream is not left out of the imitation trend. Today, there are more of the fake products of this cream circulating, unfortunately. Though some of these products still work fine, a whole lot of them still cause more harm than good for most people. Let me you how to differentiate between the two so that you don’t spend money getting something that won’t work or may even give you issues halfway through.

Spot the difference:
Fake Caike Face Cream
      Original Caike Face Cream

So yes, I know the real one looks a little blur. But that’s mostly because it is not much in the market and everywhere you look you only find the fake one. For this reason, getting a good picture was really not easy. Note that the original product contains an official price tag and details of the agents. The name and every other detail are also written in clear English, unlike the fake one which is written in complete Chinese also made using low-cost Chemicals which can be harmful to your skin.

But the problem remains that a good number of the product in the market (online or offline) is the fake one and that can lead one to wonder if they should still go ahead. Left for me, I will suggest you switch to a better face cream that doesn’t have more of the fake one on the shelves of cosmetic stores. You really do not want to cause your face more harm over a small (and maybe cheap) face cream.

How To Use Face Cream (Best Application Method)

To get the best results from this face cream, it is best to apply it in the morning and night. The best method of applying this cream is:

  • Wash your face morning and night and dry it afterwards.
  • Start with your normal facial care routine that precedes your face cream, eg cleanser and toner.
  • Be sure to apply a proper amount of the cream evenly to your face or directly on the spots if you are looking at just treating your spots.
  • Massage gently on our face until it is absorbed completely.
  • Leave it on for a few minutes before going ahead with the rest of your face routine.
My Verdict Regarding The Caike Face Whitening and Spot Removing Cream

Though this particular face cream has been proven effective in whitening the face and for the treatment of spots, sunburn etc, I really do not recommend this cream to anyone who is very cautious about what they apply on their face; especially someone with very sensitive skin or one that can react to foreign products.

This cream has natural extracts, yes, but for a cream to have mercury in it, it is usually not recommended healthwise. I will suggest you consider your health and try other creams like this CeraVe day cream that contains the essential ceramides your skin needs to help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier, Or this CeraVe Skin Renewing night cream. It has great moisturizing benefits and can help soften and renew the look of any tired skin overnight. Trust me, with these two creams and an amazing facial care routine, your face will glow and stay beautiful without going through the hands of any harsh chemical.

My Ultimate Recommendation

But if you are looking for a whitening cream that can give you good results, this RIOVEA Natural Skin Illuminating Cream is your best choice. With with an all-natural formula, it can brighten, whiten, lighten and rejuvenate your face. It contains no bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone and is totally safe for your skin even for long use. It will help with your dark spots and discolourations and also greatly improve your skin radiance. If you are looking to get this illuminating cream and get yourself that clear, beautiful and lighter face, visit this link to check it out on Amazon and see full details, reviews and price.riovea-illuminating-cream-for-whitening-face-and-dark-spots


I believe with all the above details you have seen all you need to know about the Caike face whitening and spot cream. By now you can confidently choose if this is what you want or if you will simply pass. There are many whitening creams hitting the market each passing day. The best thing you can do to your face is to choose why that will not harm you or leave any lasting negative effects in the long or even short run.

So, have you tried this Caike face cream or any of the others I recommended? Or are you still considering any of them? Let’s hear your thoughts below.





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26 thoughts on “All About Caike Red Ginseng Whitening & Spot Removing Face Cream”

  1. Thanks so much for this. I just bought this product 4days ago & my face is turning red which according to what is written on the pack will disappear within a week but reading this review i’m scared to continue using it because of the health damage of mercury in it. Pls, I will like you to recommend a mild & safe whitening face cream for me.

  2. I need a good facial cream for my face . I bought caike face cream just yesterday applied it yesterday night and in the morning but I dont know why am scared of using it on my face.

    • Do you feel any reactions on your face? I am guessing you are scared because of what you read about the cream.

      If you need another face cream that is a lot better and has safe ingredients, there are many of them, depending on what you want to get from them.

      You can message on IG to see options available for you to pick from.

  3. Thank you for this, I am considering buying this because a colleague recommended it for my dark circles, it got really worse from using organic products.
    Please I would like to know if I could get a recommendation on other products that are effective

    • Sorry to break it to you, but yes, they contain it; although in lesser quantity. Just have it in mind that MOST whitening creams contain this agent even though the manufacturers may not state so directly.

      • Ok. Thanks a lot for the reply. I also want to know what you have to say about the bath gel. I bought the two 3 days ago

        • The Caike bath gel is a great whitening gel. It works very effectively to whiten the skin when used consistently. But of course, the ingredients are not all that natural.

          • What I do know about this caike shower gel is that it has got very high chemical concentrates that give that fast whitening effect. However, I can’t really say for sure if mercury is a part of it.
            I would recommend you use it with caution and stop immediately you notice any form of irritation.
            Or, if you don’t want to risk it, switch over to a milder, safer lightening soap that would still give you good results.

    • Oh.. Sorry about that. You can go back to them to change it for you.

      Though, some people argue that the one with Chinese writing is a new distributor that got license to change the packaging. But, to be on the safe side, I won’t recommend that you use it.

  4. I’ve used this face cream for like 2 weeks and it is very effective. I have recommended the caike face cream to my sister too and she says it’s nice on her.

      • I don’t know if he will be replying soon, but I think it is because the cream has mercury in it. Creams with this are usually not recommended healthwise. You can try milder whitening creams and still get results without causing any harm to your skin.

        • Like which facial cream is good without health issues because am using caike facials and am having redness, itching and skin tightening,but I was written on the pack is normal and after 1 wk it disappears,don’t know if I should keep using it or stop because is nt yet up to 1 wk. I started using it.

          • Ohh… Sorry about that.
            Usually, it’s best to use a product for at least 7 days before deciding whether it is a fit for our skin or not. But if in the process you begin to get serious reactions on your skin, you might want to stop using it.

            I can recommend good and mild facial creams you can try, but first I will like to know if you need a face cream that whitens the skin, tones it, or just moisturizes it?

  5. I haven’t really used it, but my friends have.

    I don’t really know how it turned out for them but I guess nothing went wrong.


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