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The K Brothers brand has been creating a soap empire across the globe for years now. They have built trust and delivered on their promises when it comes to the products they send to the market. However, for a brand with so many soap variants in their production line, it is normal to have customers wondering and asking which is better, which is the one for a skin concern and all that. Well, for someone who has made a review (both post and video), I always get asked about which K brothers face soap is the best for one thing or the other, and I have decided to help you choose the best one by sharing all of my (and other people’s) experiences with the Kbrothers soaps to assist you in your decision.


In this post, I will be comparing some of the different K.Brothers face soaps. I will be looking at their composition, effects on the skin, their advantages and disadvantages, the one that is best for your skin type and provide answers to some other related questions you may have about it to help you choose the product you will love.

K Brothers Soap Benefits/Advantages

The K brothers soaps, in general, have numerous benefits, some of which include:

  • They have higher consistency and a longer-lasting lather than most average soaps.
  • They are a skin brightening soap that also helps battle a plethora of skin concerns even beyond the face.
  • With consistent use, you can always get the desired results you seek from using the soaps.
  • You can always find antioxidants in them that helps to rejuvenate the skin, keeping it youthful and radiant always.
  • Many of the variants can be used for both males and females.
  • They are great for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

K-Brother papaya soap disadvantage

The papaya soap may be the K brothers soap that gives the best lightening effect, but it still has a major disadvantage, which is the appearance of green veins in some cases for some people. This mostly happens on the skin of those who use it on their body, not just the face. These green veins can appear on their hands and feet, and this totally depends on the user’s skin as it is not obtainable in every user. Though the veins can be unappealing to the eyes, they can go away once the user stops using the soap and applies natural things to help it get back to normal.

K.Brothers carrot soap disadvantage

The Kbrothers carrot soap has been said by many to be the soap with the softer lightening effect, which is quite gentle on the skin and gives off a pleasing scent when been used. While the soap is amazing, the major disadvantage people say it has is the many of its fake products that keep entering the market and looking exactly like the original one. A lot of people have fallen for the fake one and after using it for a while, they notice they are not getting any results and sometimes, their skin concerns begin to get worse. This happens and discourages them from going back to it.

Plain K Brothers plain soap disadvantage

The plain k.brothers soap happens to be the best one among the three major soaps from the brand. The only disadvantage about it, which many people have been complaining about, is the length of time it takes to begin working properly on the skin of the user. Due to the fact that it contains fewer lightening agents, using the soap may take a longer time for brightening results to begin to occur.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the K brothers soaps

Just like many popular products in the market, a lot of people would have one question or another about the product they are trying to settle for. I have gathered some of the questions about the K brothers soaps, based on the ones people regularly ask me and provided answers to them below:

  • Is K.Brothers face soap safe for use?
The K.Brothers available soaps are good soaps that are safe to use and anyone can try them out. Most of them are natural soaps with mild scents, are easy to lather and does not dry out the skin. After usage, your skin feels very smooth and supple, and this makes it one of the best and safe face soaps to use.
  • What are the major ingredients in the K brothers face soap?
The major ingredients include:
– Coconut Oil
– Aqua
– Vitamin A, C and E
– Fragrance
– Sodium Hydroxide
– FD&C Brown (Artificial colour)
– Extract from Natural Herbs and Fruits ( this depends on each of the soaps. For instance, the carrot soap contains carrot and Thai Ginseng extracts, the papaya soap has more papaya extract, the apricot soap has more apricot extract and so on).
As for the shower gels, you can find similar ingredients but with an addition of other extracts that relate to each gel.
  • Which of the K Brothers Face Soap is the best?

The best K.brothers soap still remains the plain K Brothers Beauty Care Face Out Soap For Black Spots. It tops all the others as it is milder on the skin, has fewer skin lightening agents and has few of the fake ones been produced and penetrating the market. Though people believe that some of the other variants, like the carrot and papaya soap, gives a better lightening result, the plain one would still give you the same results when you use it consistently.

  • Can you get green veins by using K brother soap?

Many have complained about getting green veins while using the K brothers soap on their bodies. While this may not be the case for everyone, it doesn’t negate the fact that some people can get green veins from using the soap.

Personally, I have experienced it at one point when I was using more of the carrot and papaya K brothers soap. I noticed green veins appearing after a while and it is part of the reason why I stopped using them both and stuck to the plain soap. But one hack that can help you manage the green veins (to an extent) is the use of shea butter. I have noticed from personal experience, and from other people’s reviews and experiences, that applying natural shea butter on the area every night can help reduce the unsightly presence of the green veins. The shea butter may not always make them completely go away, but it can help to stop them from appearing bad enough.

  • How can you tell your K brothers is real?

The number one thing that would show your K brothers soap is the real one is the bright orange colour of the soap itself. The fake one is not as brightly coloured as the original one and can come as a deep orange, burnt orange or even dark yellow colour. Also, you can tell it is the real one by how very glossy the pack is and by seeing the official logo of the brand printed on the front and back of the soap pack and also on the nylon wrapping soap itself.

If you need a video to help you better understand how to differentiate the original from the fake Kbrothers soap, then check out this one below

  • Can K Brothers soap clear stretch marks?

Some K brothers soap variants have been tested and trusted enough to be able to clear stretch marks on the user’s skin. So, yes, the K brothers soap can clear stretch marks on the skin as its products are made with anti-spots ingredients which also works great to clear skin blemishes that are not all that severe.

  • Which K brothers soap clears stretch marks?
The K brothers and Glutha-Collagen, can help erase your stretch marks by lightening up the skin, removing body spots and blemishes, and getting the skin tone evened out to give a well-blended complexion when used continuously.
The K brothers gold, papaya and rose shower gels have been in the market for a long time and have gathered a lot of users. Many people have agreed that it works great to even out their skin tone and even get their skin to look shades brighter.

On the contrary, some people who used this gel while having little to no stretch marks ended up seeing stretch marks appearing over time. As a result of this, it is advisable that you stop using the product if you feel it is making your stretch marks worse and switch to any other soap that contains shea butter to help you clear the marks.

  • Which K brothers soap is best for fair skin?

If your skin is fair in complexion and you are looking for the K brothers soap that is best for maintaining your skin tone, the plain K brothers soap should be your main choice. This is because it is the perfect soap when it comes to maintaining a bright skin tone  and making it glow naturally without adding any extra shade to the skin.

  • Which K brothers soap is best for dark skin?

If you want to get your dark skin tone lighter, the carrot and papaya k brothers soap is the best for you. But if you want to just maintain your dark skin tone, stick to the plain K brothers soap or the K brothers honey soap. They will not lighten your skin, but they can give you clear, brighter skin in the long run.

  • Which K brothers is for pimples?

The best K brothers soap for pimples and acne is the K Brothers Baby Face with AHA Soap. This soap is made from a special formula that enriches your skin effectively, keeps your skin refreshed all day long, and makes your skin look younger, smoother and softer.

This doesn’t mean that the other ones do not clear pimples on the face. They all do, especially the Beauty Face Out soaps. But the Baby Face soap gives a quicker and smoother result than the others.

  • Which Kbrothers is best for dark spots?

The K brothers carrot and papaya soaps are the perfect ones for clearing dark spots on the face. The plain soap can also help to get rid of dark spots, but it takes a little longer to begin showing noticeable results.

Also, the K brothers Gluta-collagen-whitening soap is also great at reducing dark spots as it is made with the finest raw material blend of glutathione, vitamin E and collagen, and it brightens the skin to even out the tone.

  • Which K.brothers gives a super whitening result?

The K brothers super whitening soap and the K brothers Gluta-collagen-whitening soap are both super whitening soaps that can give you lighter shades in no time. They work to also make the skin soft, supple and smooth. As long as you are using any of these soaps, be sure that you are also maintaining a good and safe skincare routine to ensure that your skin is not been stripped of necessary, natural things.

  • Which one is best for exfoliating?

K brothers Apricot Exfoliate Soap Mask is perfect for exfoliating the skin if your main concern is the removal of dead skin cells. It may be a basic cleansing soap, but it has a natural plant-based whitening, exfoliating and anti-acne agent recognized by science to be effective on stressed skin and to give a healthy glow, clearer, smoother and younger-looking skin.

  • Does K brothers have liquid soaps/shower gels?

The K brothers brand not only has bar soaps, but they also have liquid soaps that can be used on the face and body. Some of the liquid soap include the K brothers papaya lightening shower gel, K brothers rose whitening shower gel, K brothers carrot extract shower gel, K brothers gold lightening shower gel and K brothers body bathing gel.

K Brothers Whitening Shower Bath- 5 Days Action

Although a page with the K brothers name and logo on Facebook has claimed that these shower gels are not part of their product range, there has been no official report to back that up, yet.

Some people have also pointed out that they got stretch marks from long and continuous use of the products. If you use any of these and notice some effects on your skin which was not there before, you may need to switch to another product. Also, if you want to use any of these shower gels, you need to do a lot of research about them to be sure they are not going to cause more harm.

  • Can K brothers face soap be used on the body?

Even though the K.Brothers face soaps were made for the face, you can still use it on your body as a lot of people have gone ahead to use it on their body asides from their face. This is based on personal choice, so, if you bought the soap for your face, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your body if you want to.

I use the soap all over my body and face whenever I run out of my body soap. But I do not expect any serious changes in my body because I know the ingredients in it are used to formulate the soap for the face. Sometimes, I use it for longer periods and I notice my body getting a bit fairer, but nothing serious.

  • Which one is best for the body?

The best K brothers soap for the body is the plain kbrothers face soap. If you do not want to use the K brothers face soap on your body, you can switch to the body soap for a better result. The K Brothers Papaya lightening Shower Gel is more recommended for the body as it has more natural ingredients than the other shower gels.

  • Which is better, k.brother carrot or papaya?

For the face, the K brothers papaya is a lot better than the carrot soap because the papaya extracts have more naturally safe brightening effects compared to the carrot extract. Plus, the carrot soap has more of the fake products in the market and if you get to use one of such, the results would leave you wishing you never knew the brand.

Amaco is a cosmetics/beauty supplier that has the license to bring in some popular skin products into the country. They have the license from the K brothers brand to market and distribute their soaps and this include the K brothers carrot and papaya soaps. You will only notice their logo on these two soaps and it doesn’t mean they are fake. You can check out this video to see full details about this.

For more common questions people ask about the brand and the answers, check out this youtube video that addresses many other questions that aren’t covered here.


K.brothers is one of the most famous luxury face soap brands in the world. It’s no wonder that many people are attracted to the brand. Many people love their soaps as they are soft and gentle on the skin, yet very effective.  Their soaps are made with some of the best organic ingredients and they have the tendency to quickly become your favourite soap before you know it.
Even though some people have had one complaint or the other about the soap, it doesn’t stop the fact that the soap has helped many people’s skin concerns more than it has caused harm. the most important thing is just to get the original K brothers soap and you have almost nothing to worry about.



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