Complete Review Of The K brothers Face Cream (gold, age-defying, 7-days action with SPF)


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Are you a huge fan of K brothers or you just stumbled on their product and decided to give it a try? This post is for you. Many people love the K brothers brand; from their soaps, face creams, lotions, bath gels and many others, they have got one of the best skin products on the market. Their products are always rich in natural ingredients and they deliver just as promised. Here I will be focusing on their gold cream; I will talk about all you need to know about the K brothers Gold Age-Defying Face Cream with SPF and also give you a full, honest review of my experience using the face cream.

K Brothers-Facial-Gold-cream

What Is The K Brothers Gold Age-defying Face Cream?

This K Brothers face cream is a product of the popular K Brothers Thailand, made with amazing ingredients to help give you brighter, smoother and supple skin; and provide the necessary sun protection your skin needs so you do not need extra suncream. As promised by the brand, it is a 7-days action cream that can work well to clear black spots and clear your skin.

How Effective Is The K Brothers Facial Cream?

The K Brothers age-defying cream is so effective that you will begin to see results from the first day of using it! Depending on the texture of your skin, you will most probably start noticing your skin getting silky right from the first day. With continuous usage, you will notice smoother skin and a better skin complexion coming out. And of course, it works great to even out your skin tone and gives you a well-blended complexion you will love.

The brand started that the cream is a 7-days action cream and that is correct. Even before the end of 7 days, you have started seeing visible results. If you use it for a longer period, you are guaranteed younger-looking, supple skin that is free of any spot of sunburn.

What Are The Ingredients In K Brothers Gold Face Cream?

The K Brothers gold cream, just like many others, has got the basic ingredients like purified water, cetyl alcohol, mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, hydrolyzed collagen, titanium dioxide, glycolic acid, glycerin, sunblock formulas etc. But the four major ingredients that stand out to give the user a lightening effect includes Gluthatoine, Hydroquinone, Kojic acid, and Ascorbic acid.

Honest K brothers Face Cream Review

While we all want to read about K Brothers face cream reviews from its customer, you need to be careful not to get that from people who are reselling the products, people who are paid to talk about it, or those who are writing it just for the sake of dropping a remark.

Just like many products from K Brothers out in the market, the Face Cream also has its own fair share of reviews, both positive and negative.  Here I have gathered honest reviews from real and actual users of the cream who have used it to a certain extent and decided to share their thoughts. I am putting them all down in two categories to give you an idea of what to expect from the cream, whether good or bad.

The Positive Reviews
  • The best thing about the K.Brothers gold age-defying face cream is that it can begin to lighten your skin right from day one of using it.
  • A lot of users agree that the cream actually worked as promised to even their skin tone, clear pigmentation and leave the skin soft.
  • With consistent use of this gold cream, you can expect to get a clearer and smooth face in 7 days or less.
  • It can serve as a day or night face cream as it has sun protection in it if you want to apply it during the day.
  • Get and use a good facial care routine, use this K Brothers cream every morning and night and watch your skin tone change to a brighter complexion you will love.
The Negative Reviews
  • Many people who bought the cream complained that the size is very small compared to the price they paid.
  • The cream contains hydroquinone, which is not entirely safe for the skin.
  • Using this cream can leave one sweating a lot for no reason and this will only end up cleaning off the whole cream you applied.
  • Though the cream is very effective, you need to keep using it for as long as possible to be able to maintain long-term results.
  • The K Brothers gold cream is quite scarce in the market and if you want to buy another one when you run out, it will be difficult to find.
Frequently Asked Questions About The K Brothers Gold Face Cream

The thing with most products out there is that once people get to start learning about it, questions begin to arise. Most people will want to know what they are getting out of a product, what they need to use alongside it, if it’s the best for their skin and all that. Here I will be providing answers to the most commonly asked questions about the K Brothers cream.

These answers are well-researched and gotten from personal observation and feedbacks gotten from its users, so, they are very accurate. Feel free to comment with any extra details you might have to any question. And if your question is not answered here, you can also leave that as a comment as I reply to all comments:

  • What’s the best product to use alongside the K brothers face cream?

For the best and long-lasting result, I recommend you use the K brothers facial soap alongside the facial cream. These two combo will work magic when it comes to giving your face a youthful, supple, smooth and brighter look you will love.

  • Can K brothers cream clear pimples, sunburn, and dark spots?

One of the major function of this cream is to clear dark spots and other blemishes. So, yes, this K brothers cream can work effectively to clear your pimples, sunburn, dark spots and other blemishes.


  • Where to buy K Brothers cream?

The good thing about this cream is that the brand now has its products all over the world. So, wherever you are, you can still get their face cream around you. Just be sure to buy it from trusted sellers to avoid buying the fake product as it is a bit difficult to differentiate.

If you are looking for where to buy the gold cream in the USA, UK, or other white countries, you can get it here on eBay online; for offline purchases, you can visit any standard cosmetics shop and you can ask for it. If you are searching for where to buy it in Nigeria or other African countries, you can get it here on Jumia. Alternatively, you can walk into a standard beauty shop inside malls or markets and you will be able to get it.

  • Does the cream peel the face?

No. The K brothers cream is not harsh on the skin and so it can’t peel your face when you use it. From observation and feedback, no user has complained that the cream was causing their skin to peel. If you use it and notice your face is peeling, be sure you didn’t use an exfoliant before using the cream. If you did, that’s where the problem is from. But if you didn’t exfoliate your skin before using it, I will suggest you stop using the cream and your skin itself is too soft to start receiving more treatments that would get it softer.

  • Can I use the face cream to tighten my pores?

The cream is not formulated to tighten pores, so you can’t use it for that purpose. In fact, creams do not tighten pores generally. They mostly work to help firm up your skin and give it the needed moisture.

  • Is K brothers face cream for sensitive skin?

Whether oily skin, dry skin, combination skin or even sensitive skin, all skin types can use the K brothers face cream. They will all get good results from using the cream but the only thing is that those with sensitive skin would want to observe how their skin reacts to the cream individually. If at any point you notice that you feel itchy or your face is feeling hot and red, which is very unlikely, then you may need to stop using it.

  • What age can use the K Brothers gold cream?

While there is no specific age written for the use of this cream, I will suggest that people from 14 years and above can start considering using it. I say 14+ years because this cream contains hydroquinone and you do not want a minor to use a product that is potentially harmful to their tender skin. Hydroquinone has been said to even get into people’s bloodstream when used for long; the last thing a little child needs is to start having complications right from a small age.

  • Does the K brothers 7-days action face cream actually work in 7 days?

YES! The face cream lives up to the brand’s promise. In fact, if you are very consistent with the application and you have a good facial care routine, you will start seeing amazing results even before the 7th day.

  • How much is K brothers cream?

Depending on your location and the platform you are buying it from, the price of the K brothers face cream varies. If you are buying it from Amazon or other foreign beauty sites, the price is between $15 – $35. But if you are walking into a beauty shop in any white country, just budget like $10 – $25.

If you are wondering how much is the K brothers face cream in Nigeria, it costs between N1100-N3500 depending on where you find it.

  • Does the K brothers cream bleach?

Since bleaching refers to the use of products, like creams, to lighten the skin or achieve an overall lighter complexion; then yes, the K brothers face cream do bleach the skin. But it does that gradually while blending out the dark areas to make the whole skin get the same tone.

  • Is the K brothers gold age-defying cream any good?

Yes, The face cream is so good. If you are wondering just how good is K brothers face cream, take this from me – This face cream will brighten your skin’s appearance, restore radiant, firmer skin and smoothen out stubborn fine lines. It will also clear harsh burns from sun exposure or chemical reactions and give you that blemish-free and supple effect.

  • Does K brothers cream lighten the skin?

The major function of this face cream is to lighten your skin and improve your overall complexion. So if you are looking for one of the best lightening face creams, the K brothers face cream should be one of your top picks.

  • Are there any side effects from using the k brothers cream?

Apart from the obvious side effects, you will experience from using creams that contain hydroquinone, the K brothers gold cream has no other side effects.

  • Is the K brothers cream for dark skin?

If you are dark-skinned and looking for ways to lighten your skin, then the K brothers age-defying gold cream is for you. But if you do not want to brighten your skin tone and want to keep rocking your melanin tone, stay away from it as it has a high tene\dency of getting your complexion lighter than it already is.

  • Does K brothers cream contains hydroquinone?

Yes! K brothers face cream contains hydroquinone and this is boldly written as part of the ingredients on the body of the pack.

k brothers-face-cream-contains-hydroquinone

In case you do not know, products, especially creams, that contain hydroquinone has one common feature – they tend to leave behind a film of sweat almost immediately you finish applying it. And if you manage to get into a hot environment, you will find yourself sweating unnecessarily and at the slightest thing you do. Not to also mention that the sweat would drop from your face like it are gliding down a slippery surface and not the normal way you experience yourself sweating.

Features Of The Facial Cream

You already know what the K brothers cream can do for your face, it’s good for you to know the features so that you are sure of what you are getting from using it. Here are the main features of the K brothers gold age-defying face cream:

  • This face cream will give you younger-looking facial skin. That is why it is also called Baby Face Cream due to the results you will get from it.
  • It brightens the skin’s appearance and leaves your face with a clear, smooth and supple look.
  • The cream can restore radiant, firmer skin that you will love.
  • It smoothens out stubborn fine lines and clear spots and blemishes to give you flawless skin.
  • With the K brothers face cream, you are guaranteed a well-blended and lighter skin tone in no time.
  • It contains carrot and kojic acid for that blemish-free and supple face effect
  • The cream is very effective when it comes to clearing harsh burns from sun exposure or chemical reactions.

The Different Types Of Face Creams From K Brothers

K brothers have got 3 different types of face cream and they all perform different things. It is good for you to know them all so that you do not mix them up or have someone convince you that you will get the same thing from them all. The 3 face creams they have include:

  1. K brothers gold age-defying face cream
  2. The gold anti-spot facial cream
  3. K brothers facial B.S.C cream
My Personal Experience Using The K brothers Gold Age-defying Face Cream

So, time for a story.

Just recently I was searching for good face cream and sunscreen for my skin as I had run out of the one I usually make, and I have not been settled enough to make a new batch. I went online to search for good ones and after almost an hour, I came across the K brothers facial cream. The main reason why I chose it was that it contained SPF and this meant I do not need to buy a suncream alongside the face cream. Another reason is that I was using the soap and the results are amazing, so I felt the cream would do well too.

After reading all I could find online about it, I placed an order and received it in a short while. When I got it, I started using it two days later. I must admit that I started seeing results right after the first day and after the 7-days as promised by the brand, my skin was already having an even tone and it felt soft to the touch.

But I didn’t enjoy it for long because I have super oily skin and what my skin needs is a water-based and lightweight moisturizer and not a fully loaded cream that also contains hydroquinone. Keep in mind that hydroquinone is known to have common side effects like mild skin irritation eg burning or stinging, skin dryness and redness, dermatitis and an inflammatory reaction; not to mention that it contains trace amounts of mercury. The last thing I need is to get my skin into problems I’ll struggle with later.

Another thing I didn’t like about the cream was the fact that it left me sweating uncontrollably whenever I’m out of the chill environment of my home. Once I spend like 30 seconds under the sun, sweat starts pouring down my face like a waterfall was released. It was really frustrating because I couldn’t wear makeup anymore as my primer couldn’t even hold back all the sweat. And I was very uncomfortable wiping my face every few seconds whether alone or in the midst of people.

Can I recommend this K brother face cream?

I can actually recommend the K brothers cream to anyone who is looking to lighten their complexion, get smoother and clearer skin and also enjoy extra protection from the sun without using more products. However, I have some reservations about it: first, it contains hydroquinone; second, it can get your face to look way fairer than the rest of your body; and third, it is not the best formula for someone with super oily skin.

Personally, I feel this cream is best for people who do not mind having hydroquinone in the products they use; people who do not sweat a lot on a normal day; people who do not have very oily skin; and people who have a darker face and want to get it to look the same tone with the rest of their body.

If you do not fall among these categories, this cream is not for you. I will suggest you get another one that would deliver the same results at a safer pace. But if you must use the cream, I will suggest you add the use of a natural face mask to your routine to help manage the negative effect the cream might pose. For me, I use the turmeric and honey mask once every week. You can check out this post to see many more others you can consider.

How To Apply K Brothers Face Cream – best application method for the best results

To get the best results from the face cream, you should apply it every morning and night. You need to do this after taking your bath and using your cleanser and toner. To apply, use your fingers to scoop a little cream and tap it in dots all around your face. Once you have gotten a generous amount tapped on your face, use all your finger to gently massage the cream on your face. Use a massaging motion to ensure that the cream gets to sit properly on your skin and not just hanging loosely on your face.

Have a good facial routine and keep using the face cream regularly even after you have gotten the desired results you seek. Use it for a few more days, running into weeks, just to get the results to stay permanently. If you choose to stop using the cream at any point, be sure to continue with an effective routine, good sunscreen and natural face masks that have lightening properties. This will ensure that your skin doesn’t start getting darker in some areas.



This K brothers face cream is an amazing product, no doubt. It can do well to lighten your face and give you a clearer and smoother face. If you do not mind having hydroquinone in your cream, by all means, enjoy the benefits that come with using the cream

So, that’s basically all you need to know about the K brothers gold, age-defying, 7-days action face cream for black spots. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

Have you tried the face cream before? What was it like for you? If you haven’t, is it something you are willing to give a shot after learning all about it? Do you have any reservations about it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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