The 3 Safest Ways To Clean Your False Eyelashes At Home


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So, you got this new and amazing falsie and you’ve used it once but can’t imagine letting it go because it has got some glue or mascara remains or maybe a little dirt/dust on it? Well, let me save you the extra money and show you just how to clean your false eyelashes so you don’t have to throw them away after the first use.


What Are False Eyelashes?

I know, I know, the question sounds ridiculous to you who have been a huge fan and lover of falsies. But let me tell you, I know some people still do not understand the hype being false eyelashes. In summary, false eyelashes or falsies like most people prefer, are simply eyelash extensions you attach to your own eyelashes to give a cuter and more dramatic look. It may interest you to know that a lot of people can’t leave their home without a false eyelash, even if they have no makeup on.

Different Types Of False Lashes

You need to know the different available types of eyelashes before you can understand how best to clean them. So there are basically 3 types of false eyelashes. They include:

  • Individual lashes
  • Magnetic lashes
  • Strip lashes

1. Individual Lashes:


The individual eyelashes were quite common among lash lovers and only became less popular when the strip lashes came into the market. Individual lashes are usually applied individually instead of all at once like the other lashes. They do well in increasing your lash fullness by filling in sparse areas. The person applying it has a lot of control on how the end result will look because they choose where each individual lash will be placed. They can be layered to get a more voluminous eye look or to just make a statement. And these types of lashes takes more amount of time and expertise to apply them correctly, and also more glue.

2. Magnetic Lashes:


Just as the name suggests, magnetic eyelashes get secured on your lash line with the help of tiny magnets. These ones are usually very easy and fast to place on your lashes so even an amateur can fix this.

3. Strip Lashes:


The most common type of falsies you’ll find in the market today is the strip lashes. They come in many styles to create different looks and are made from different materials. It is also easy to place and requires a glue lining during application.

The 3 Safe & Easiest Ways To Clean Your False Eyelashes For Reuse

I know what it’s like when I use my false lashes once and find there’s little dirt on it; I would want to cry because I have to throw it away after that use. That’s not my case anymore because I take my time to clean them after each use and then I can reuse them again when next I want. I’m going to share with you 3 of the best ways I maintain my lashes with proper cleaning starting from the easiest one that would cost almost nothing. With these 3 ways, you can be sure to stop throwing your falsies after each use:

1. Cleaning Using Warm Water & Cotton Pad/Q-tip:

The thing is, fake eyelashes are delicate and fragile. If they are not, we might as well just throw them into the washing machine with the rest of our laundry. But because we don’t want our falsies to get damaged while we clean them, a lot of care will be required in order not to break or damage the fibres. One way you can easily avoid damage is by using a cotton pad or Q-tip cotton buds/swab to clean them. They are soft and gentle to use so you are certain you won’t ruin your false eyelashes at the end.


For Strip Lashes:

To clean it with this method:

  • Safely and carefully remove your strip lashes from your eyes. This is best done by gently applying a wet cotton pad over each eye. You can get it wet using either water or any makeup remover. This will help to soften the glue, which should then allow you to gently pull the lash off, usually from the outside of the eye first.
  • Now that it’s out, let’s get cleaning. If you don’t have proper cleaning solutions like this Eyelash Shampoo that can remove makeup residue, mascara and glue while gentle deep cleansing it without ruining your eyelash extension, then fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and soak your cotton pad or swab in the water.
  • Bring it out and squeeze to ensure excess water is removed, then lightly wipe off the glue and dirt on the tip of the falsies including the mascara if you applied any.
  • Keep wiping until it’s as good as new. If you are worried that the cotton pad would be too strong for your falsies, use the cotton buds. But this will take you more time as you will have to patiently and gently wipe it in little strokes till you are all done.
  • Then you can use a mascara wand to brush it out to remove excess water and also let them free so they don’t stick together while drying up.
  • Go ahead and place them on a ball of dry cotton wool to dry off as that can easily absorb the water.
For Magnetic Lashes:

Cleaning magnetic lashes using the same method above will give you the same result, but instead of wiping the falsies till the glue, mascara and dirt are off, wipe super gently with the aim of only removing dirt you find. This is because too much wiping can as well remove the magnetic layer and leave you with a plain strip eyelash.

For Individual Lashes:

This particular one is a little trickier because it is single and that means there’s a chance you’ll get frustrated while cleaning it. For best results, leave it on your own eyelashes while you wipe off the mascara and glue completely. Once the glue is cleared, the lashes would come off easily and without any more remains to clean off.

2. Cleaning False Eyelashes Using Liquid Dish Soap:

Cleaning and maintaining false eyelashes must not require a great deal of money or expensive products. One of the easiest and affordable methods of removing false eyelashes is by using a household dish soap. At least we all may have a dish soap around the house; thanks to the mild nature of liquid dish soap, you can effectively remove mascara and other signs of glue or dirt without damaging your falsies.

If you are looking for the best dish soap for this, I’ll recommend this Lemon Mint Method Dish Soap which contains 36-ounce refill pouches of gel dishwashing liquid. It is a natural concentrated gel which is biodegradable, non-toxic, plant-based power green technology that gives that sparkling clean look and feel. It also comes with a refill pouch and that saves plastic, water and energy.


To clean your false lashes with this liquid dish soap:

  • Simply fill a very small bowl with warm water and add a few drops of the liquid soap (a small teaspoon of the dishwashing liquid is enough).
  • Submerge your used false eyelashes into the water using your fingers.
  • Leave it dipped into the water no longer than 20 seconds.
  • After that, you can then remove the false lashes with a pair of tweezers. You can as well use your fingers (thumb and pointer) or a cotton pad to gently wipe the lashes to remove any leftover glue, mascara or dirt. Easy with your fingers so you don’t pull them out.
  • Give them a proper rinse with clean water to remove any leftover soap so it doesn’t irritate your eyes.
  • Use a mascara wand to brush it out to remove excess water and straighten them to dry up faster.
  • Lay them out on some clean paper towel to dry. You can fold some paper towel on top to gently pat away the moisture.

This method works for all type of false eyelash.

3. Cleaning False Eyelashes Using Eyelash Shampoo:

If you aren’t comfortable with the other two methods and want to clean your eyelash with a cleaner that you are sure won’t ruin your falsies, then this is for you. An eyelash shampoo is specially formulated to clean your eyelash extensions and leave them looking as good as new without reducing its bonding life. I have got the perfect inexpensive shampoo recommendation for you. It’s this Eyelash Shampoo with a Foam Cleaner that is a gentle and light formula which will make you comfortable while washing your false lashes. It rinses out just fine so that it won’t irritate your eyes when next you wear it. Best of all, it can be used to effectively remove eye makeup, glue and dirt build-up on YOUR OWN eyelashes, lid margins and under-eye are; while nourishing and revitalizing your lashes and delicate skin around the eyes. 


To clean your fake lashes using this Eyelash Shampoo:

  • Simply apply one pump of shampoo onto the provided foam cleansing brush/wand and wipe the falsies gently until all makeup, dirt, glue etc are wiped away. The lash cleaning wand is a soft-bristled brush that would wash your lashes very well without making a mess.
  • Rinse the false lashes very well with clean water until it stops feeling soapy.
  • You can do the same thing if you want to clean your own eyelash after a day with thick eye makeup. Just be sure not to get the shampoo into your eyes. If it gets in, rinse your eyes immediately and towel dry.
  • Using a mascara wand, brush your lashes or falsies out to remove excess water and also let make them not to stick together when drying.
  • This Eyelash Shampoo will leave your falsies and eyelashes looking squeaky clean after every wash.

After washing and drying your falsies, you can then place the lashes back into the container ready for your next use!


See, as simple as you can imagine. The thing is, with good care your lashes can stay as long as you want; till you get tired of it or till they begin to fall off around the edges. Just don’t share it with anyone because a simple wash in water may not remove any unhealthy stuff from their eye that may have stuck to your false lashes.
So, what do you think? Are they simple enough to stop you from throwing away your falsies after just one use? Do you have any method you use different from these? Let’s hear it below.

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  1. You do not know how much you have saved me with this washing tip. I’m a lash lover and honestly, I’m one of those that can’t leave the house without lashes. So, you can imagine how many I buy in a month since I only reuse them if they don’t look that dirty. But now I’m going to be washing them and saving some extra money.

  2. Wow… Now I can wear clean lashes all the time. I always felt using water on lashes would ruin it, so I use it twice before disposing. If it still looks neat after the second use, I use again. But honestly it’s usually not comfortable.

    Anyway thanks for this


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