The Ultimate Guide To Eye Makeup Application: What To Do And Avoid


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Due to the ever-evolving nature of makeup, almost everyone is now becoming a fan. Today, the trend in makeup now aims at more natural and sultry looks or, a wilder colourful glam look. Not to mention that the eye (and maybe lips) is the most important thing people tend to notice once they look at your face. So you have to keep it real. One important thing in the whole eye makeup stuff is just to understand the do’s and don’ts, then you have stolen the show. Let me just walk you through the ultimate guide in the eye makeup application and what you need to do and also avoid.


About Eye Makeup

Whether you are a beginner or advanced makeup user, you will agree that eye makeup is necessary at one point or the other. Eye makeup includes eyeshadow, eyelashes, eyebrows and even contact lens. It has been around for a while and it has steadily been evolving from neutral to nude, to colourful, to natural, to glittery, to glam and so on.

Although the eye makeup can be a tricky makeup if you have no idea how to get it done, it is still easy to get a hang of. If you are terrible at it, it can leave you looking weird, it can ruin your whole look, or it can give you that classy look that would turn all eyes your way. This is exactly why need to understand it properly. And this guide will help those who can’t seem to get the eye makeup application right and still want to look dope.

The Ultimate Eye Makeup Guide

Although complete makeup is subjective, there are still certain principles to it. For eye makeup, there are no super strict rules but still, you don’t want to come out looking funny.

1. The Do’s Of Eyeshadow (Crease)

Before Application:

There are some things to keep in mind before you even start off applying your eyeshadow. These are:

  • Keep your brushes clean always.
  • Understand the uses of each eye makeup brush to know which to use to apply, fade or blend out.
  • Get a good eyeshadow primer to help prevent creasing especially if you have oily skin. You can use the concealer you use below your eyes if you don’t have the primer. Concealers are more hydrating especially if you have dry skin.
  • Always prime your eyes with any of the above to make your eyeshadow look more vibrant and last longer.
  • Try to use a beauty blender to apply the primer to make it smoother.
  • Use a translucent powder over the primer to set it quickly if you can’t wait for it to dry off and leave a clean, dry canvas.

During Application:

This is like the most important part of the whole process and any little mistake here can leave you itching to wipe the whole thing, or even risk getting funny glances when you step out because you didn’t have the heart (or time) to clean it and start all over.

Just have these in mind and you are good:

  • Start off with the transition colour before the crease ones.
  • Transition colours are usually lighter, natural and close to your skin tone. It blends out edges of the crease making it softer. A crease colour is the darker one. It blends the brow bone area and the crease.
  • Use very dark colours only when you are going for a smokey eye look.
  • The transition colour should be applied using a fluffy brush because they spread well.
  • After the transition, you can add the darker shade (which should be matte) to add dimension to the crease.
  • Use a crease brush tapered at the top to blend in the crease colour in a circular motion from the outside to the inside. Look at this gif below to understand it.


The Don’ts Of Eyeshadow (Crease)

  • Don’t use too much concealer or primer as it would make the eyeshadow look like it’s standing out of your skin.
  • Don’t use eye shadow without primer so that it can go on smoothly and appear more natural on the skin.
  • Don’t use a densely packed brush as it would pick up a lot of colour and dump them on the crease.
  • Don’t start with the darker colour on your crease to avoid making it look wild.

2. The Do’s Of Eyeshadow (Eyelid area)

  • Choose a good base and apply on the eyelid first. It should be something sticky to give the lid colour something to adhere to.
  • Use a densely packed brush to apply the eyeshadow.
  • Use a fluffy blending brush to blend in the eyeshadow till you get the desired result.
  • If you want to go far, you can use glitter or shimmery colours. Just be sure to apply lightly so it doesn’t look overly coated.

The Don’ts Of Eyeshadow (Eyelid area)

  • Don’t use a fluffy brush to apply the eye shadow. Use it only for blending.
  • Unless you are going for a colourful, glam look, keep the eyeshadow to two or three colours.
  • Make sure you blend it out gently so it appears more natural.

3. The Do’s For Lower Lashline

  • Use the transition colour first before you use the darker shade liner to give it a natural effect.
  • Apply some transition shade to the tear duct for more popping effect.
  • You can apply the colour used on your crease underneath the lower lash line for a more dramatic effect.
  • Use a dark eyeliner to highlight the features of the lashline.

The Don’ts For Lower Lashline

  • Sometimes applying eyeliner wrongly below the waterline makes the eyes draggy, avoid it if you can’t make a good application.
  • Don’t apply too many colours to the lower lashline to avoid it looking ‘clowny’.

4. The Do’s For Upper Lashline

  • Apply your eyeliner before the eyeshadow if you are sure you will make a mess you need to cover.
  • If you are good with eyeliners, go ahead and apply it just after the eyeshadow.
  • It’s better to stick to a dark eyeliner if you already have eyeshadow on. This is because you don’t want the two to be competing for attention.


The Don’ts For Upper Lashline

  • Don’t draw bold lines when you already have a bold eyeshadow look. Less is better here.
  • Don’t draw too large edges if you are creating a winged effect.

5. The Do’s Of Eyelashes

  • Apply mascara generously on your lashes any day you won’t wear an extra lash.
  • Apply mascara thinly on the false lashes whenever you wear them to give them more volume.
  • Use the eyeliner you already applied as a guide to where you should place the false lashes whenever you want to use them.
  • Use colourless eyelash glue to make it appear natural.
  • Apply little shea butter to the edges of your false lashes and give it a few seconds before peeling it out gently.
  • Coating your eyelashes in oil and combing out regularly can help with the length and volume.

The Don’ts Of Eyelashes

  • Don’t use fake lashes your eyelash is longer than.
  • Don’t pull out the fake lashes roughly from your eyes. Peel them off gently instead.
  • Don’t apply harsh creams promise to lengthen or get your eyelashes fuller.

6. The Do’s Of Eyebrow

  • Use a good eye pencil or brow gel to fill in your brows for a more natural look.
  • Use a good concealer cream and brush to give the brow a well-defined shape.
  • An eyebrow comb can fade it out a bit to allow it to blend well with your own brows.
  • Dab a little highlight on the brow bone to throw light on it.
  • Use safe and healthy tools or sugars to trim your eyebrows.

The Don’ts Of Eyebrow

  • Don’t draw a whole new brow shape with the eye pencil. Fill it in instead.
  • Don’t use harsh tools to pluck out your eyebrow hairs.

The Do’s Of Contact Lens

You can enhance your look with fashion or prescribed contact lenses. These contact lenses are designed to get attention to your eyes as they come in a range of colours like blue, violet, green, grey etc. Though it’s optional to use this, if you want a complete eye look, you can go for it. But you must have this in mind:

  • Wash your hands very well before picking up the lense to place in your eyes.
  • Insert it after your other eye makeup if you are a professional with it. If you have not mastered wearing it, insert before the others, This way you don’t mess the whole thing or use your tears to wipe it up.
  • Depending on the type of contact lense you buy, try to change it every six months or less.
  • Use colours that blend well with your skin tone to make people guess whether it’s real or not.

The Don’ts Of Contact Lens

  • Don’t use brightly coloured lens unless it’s a special effect for an occasion, eh Halloween.
  • Don’t store it carelessly as you would be placing it directly into your eyes which can cause you more harm if it’s not clean.
  • Don’t wear it to bed or for too long to avoid causing itchiness.
  • Don’t pick it up from the floor. If it falls to the ground, it’s time for a change.


Trust me, your eye makeup application would be a piece of cake if you follow the above tips and tricks diligently. With this, you are sure to get a flawless finish. Looking for an Andriod makeup app to learn some tips and tricks on the go? Check out my Top 7 Free Full-Face Android Makeup Apps You Need This 2020

Hold up! Are you lost somewhere and want to see a video demonstration instead? Well, here is one of my favourite complete eye makeup application tutorial video I got off youtube. No, it’s not me in it. Credit goes to An Knook.


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So, what’s your eye makeup experience like? Any tip you found helpful here? Or you have something new to share? Let’s hear them below.





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