How To Apply Makeup As A Brown Skin Girl


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For brown skin girls, it’s obvious the makeup for your skin tone requires a different approach than that of other skin types.  Finding the right makeup shade is key so you don’t have to look a shade lighter or darker after spending hours doing your makeup. If this is your worry, relax as I will take you through how to apply makeup as a brown skin girl and show you a few tricks to help keep your skin looking smooth and gorgeous.


Fun Makeup Application Tips To Try On Brown Skin

As a brown skin girl who has found a brand of beauty products that works for your skin tone, you can start using it the way you want. Here I have got some fun makeup tips you can try in order to get that gorgeous effect:

  • Use a black or very dark brown eyeliner with bright eyeshadows to play up eyes.
  • Use two complementary colours rather than just one colour for eye-shadow.  to create a two-toned look.
  • If you can’t find the right tone of the foundation for your skin, you can try mixing two different shades to create one that is complementary to your unique skin.
  • Choose a lip liner that is of a similar shade to your lip gloss or lipstick.
  • Black or dark brown mascara can make eyelashes pop.  For an even extra glam, you can go ahead to add false eyelashes in a dark shade.
  • For a subtle look, always go for neutral eyeshadows like brown or nude.
  • Brown or copper bronzer shades will accentuate brown skin tones so choose a nice shade and brush it high along your cheekbones.
  • Create a smokey eye look by using a darker colour on the lower part of the eyelid, and a lighter shade or a combination of multiple lighter shades on the upper part of the lid to accentuate.

As long as you mix and match your features with the right products like foundation, powder, blush and eye colours, you are sure this will show up your skin and eyes, and improve your natural face glow and shine.


The Right Makeup For Brown Skin Girls

It can be challenging as a woman of colour to find cosmetics that work for one’s unique complexion.  Fortunately, there are very many products out there that will make you look prettier than ever.

One good thing about a brown skin is that it’s got this gorgeous tint and when a girl has brown skin and dark brown eyes, it’s an attractive blend, and the usage of the right makeup can highlight these features. Though it can be difficult for brown-skinned women to find the right makeup to match their complexion.

Most makeup lines we see today don’t really have the right foundation shades that are dark enough to complement certain skin tones.  Another issue is that many conventional colours won’t show up as brightly as intended on brown skins. Some brands have gone a step forward to use information about skin chemistry to create solutions for women of different skin colour. With this development, you are sure to get the right makeup shade for your skin.

Choosing the right makeup

The shades of foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick that work for all girls will vary from individual to individual based on skin colour.  However, there are some general colours and tones that tend to work for brown skin girls and here are some makeup tips to keep in mind when shopping as a brown skin girl:


  • Go for yellow-based foundations.
  • Nude, burgundy, or earth tone lipsticks are great for you.
  • Shimmery, metallic, eye shadows will suit you well. so look for rich polished hues like burnt copper, bronze or bright berry natures.
  • Your skin can pull off the use of brighter coloured makeups.
  • For a dramatic eye makeup look, choose bright colours like blue or purple since they’ll pop against your brown skin.
  • To highlight your cheekbones and give them more colour, apply a neutral blush and then go over it with some bronzer.
  • To add more depth and outlining to your lips, cheeks and eyes, go for neutral colours or ones that’s got a deep shade to match your skin contrast.
  • For foundations, the darker the skin tone, the more spot-on you have to be with colour. So choose wisely and you will have the glow which your all-time favourite celebrity always carry!

Simple Makeup Tutorial For A Brown Skin Girl

While there are many makeup options to choose from both offline online, the basics are what is more important to give you that natural and glowing look. To ensure you don’t miss out, here is a list of the makeup items you need to achieve that perfect brown skin makeup that will set you apart in the crowd:



  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Eye-shadow Primer
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Bronze/highlighter/illuminator
  • Concealer/corrector
  • Lipbalm/ lipstick and liner
  • Pro-finish powder
  • Beauty blender
  • Eyelash mascara

Here are some tips to help you when you are making your choice about these:

1. Foundation:

It is essential to pick the spot-on foundation colour for your brown skin as choosing one that is too light or too dark can cause the skin to look old or darker. The reason why you see different types of makeup tutorials for brown skin girls is that people have diverse shades and they are all working with what suits them which may not always be your fit. A number of women have pink undertones while others have blue undertones. This is exactly why there are numerous foundation shades to select from.

To choose the best foundation for your skin, visit your favourite store where you can get product shades in line with your skin nature and tone. It should blend so well that when you apply the foundation, it should look as if no foundation is on your face. Simply smear the foundation with a foundation brush or use a beauty blender to leave you with a proficient finish and a perfect skin.


2. Powder:

A powder to complement your foundation or a clear as crystal powder will work just great for you. You can use a shade lighter than your foundation for best result. Use it under your eyes, around the nose, cheekbones, at the bends of your lips, and most importantly, dab it lightly through the centre of your nose and as a dot on the temple and jawbone. This simple act highlights your skin and the powder will make those areas look illuminated.


3. Blush:

You are at will to choose blush tints from coral, rose and clandestine orange. Extending with a blush that’s too light can put-off your tone. Whereas, one that’s too dark will look glaring and peculiar. If you have an average skin tone with cool tinges, go for a rose-pink blush to carry a redness on your cheeks. If your undertones are deep, a spineless apricot or peach blush can boost your natural shine.

Here is a simple way to get that blush on your cheeks the right way:

  • Lightly apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, which is the portion of your cheeks that fill in when you smile.
  • Similarly, lightly apply the blush where the sun would certainly hit your face and balance very well, thereby creating a natural sun-kissed look.
  • Use a blush brush to evenly spread and blend it properly to give you that natural look.

4. Contour:

If you want to contour your face, get a powder or contour palette that is a bit darker than your brown skin and apply it below your cheekbones. You also can use it under your chin and along the sides of your nose for a better-structured look.

This over-all contour will give your skin a natural and balanced look.


5. Eye Colours For Brown Skin:

For people with brown skin and who have got dark brown eyes, you can stand with your makeup when you pair with eye colours like plums, charcoals, grey, black, dark blues, dark browns, golds or bronze. These colours make the eyes pop-up. You can always play around with these eye colours and in a variation of these shades till you get the look you like.


6. Bronze:

If your skin tone is amid pastel and olive, you already have a natural tip-off of colour in your skin. The objective here should be to merely boost it without running undue shimmer or darkness. The over-all rule is to pick a bronzer that’s not two shades darker than your skin tone, ensure that your bronzer is a seamless match.

For moderate skin with warm undertones, a soft shade of golden-brown or a soft-brown with peach tone works finest. Getting a bronzer to match cool undertones is slightly riskier as numerous shades can come-off as yellow, red or opaque.

6. Lipstick Colors:

Any lipstick colour from fluffy pink to profound berry can boost your skin tone. However, there are just a few things to hold in mind! When spending for the seamless nude lips, ladies with cool undertones ought to look for a shade that has a minor hint of pink. Warm undertones pair flawlessly with a beige-nude. For brighter colours, some cool undertones include Blue-based red, berry, pink or mauve. On the other hand, if you have a warm undertone you will look wonderful with a gold-based red, orange-based brown, burgundy, coral, or brown.


These are like the most basic things you will need to get that beautiful brown skin. Here is a simple makeup for brown skin you will find very helpful.

The good thing is that you can choose what goes onto your face and what won’t. So you can get your own desired effect at the end of the whole thing.

So, what do you think?




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