How To Create Simple Smokey Eyes For Beginners (With Video)


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If you started out like me and struggle each time you try to get that smokey eye effect, I totally understand that feeling. It was a war for me to understand how to create simple smokey eyes, especially as a beginner. I wasted precious eyeshadow makeup and most times I gave up and wiped it off or simply grew the confidence to wear it like that and hope no one noticed my badly applied eyeshadow!

The good thing is, nothing is too difficult to create if you could just be patient and keep trying. Of course, you have to become good at it eventually, unless you won’t mind having a friend or paid hand coming to help you with it each time you want to step out with that special eye effect.


So, because I know how frustrating it can be and want to share my method, I bring to you this tutorial about how you can complete your own smokey eye look even as a beginner in just a few minutes! (Psst! Is it spelt “smoky eye”? I don’t know! lol)

What Is A Smokey Eye Makeup?

Smokey eye makeup for any skin type simply consists of dark eyeshadow and eyeliner blended into lighter eyeshadow to create a “smokey” effect. This can range from a smooth and soft blending of shades to just an “I-slept-in-my-makeup” levels of smudging. It is a dramatic eye makeup that gives you this bold look and a lot of girls are loving it and rocking it on a regular basis. To not be left out of the trend, let me put you through how to achieve this eye makeup look by yourself.

Makeup items you need to create a simple smokey eye

You’ll be glad when you find out that what you need may be what you already have in your makeup box. To create this simple smokey eye look, you will need:

So, with all these, you are all set and ready to get started on creating that smokey eye.

An easy method to create a quick and simple smokey eye effect for beginners in a few minutes

If you don’t have the time, sophisticated tools or even expert skill to create that bold smokey eyes you see on red carpets, this method will be your best bet. To make it way easier for you, I put them down in steps so you don’t get confused at any point. There’s also an attached video from Youtube at the end if you’d prefer that.

  1. First, start with the lightest eye shadow colour and place that all over your eyelid. Focus more on the part sitting just above your eyeballs.
  2. Dab some more of the lightest shade on your brow bone and inner corner of your eye for a better effect.
  3. Take the medium shade and apply on your crease for a soft transition look.
  4. Using the darker shade, dab a moderate amount on the outer part of your crease and lightly blend it up well.
  5. Take some more of that shade and apply on your bottom lash line to give a better all-round smokey effect.
  6. Use the eyeliner/brow pencil to trace a line or your upper lash line for a fuller effect. Make sure the line is thicker on the outer part to give the look a lift. You can add to your waterline for a more intense look.
  7. Pick the darkest eyeshadow colour and apply on the pencil line, especially on the outer corner. Blend it out well so it doesn’t look too concentrated. Take it up a little to the crease if you want and continue blending. You can dab more of this shade till you get your desired colour blend.
  8. Pull out your mascara wand and use it to brush out your eyelash, coating it evenly.

Video tutorial to show you how to create simple smokey eyes in two minutes +

If you prefer a visual demonstration on how you can create that smokey eye, then you have to watch this two minutes + eye tutorial. I got this video on Youtube and no, it’s not me in it. Credit goes to CCFXTR.


Annnnnd that’s it! See, so simple and time efficient! What’s your smokey eye experience? Let’s hear it below.


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