How To Make Infused Water For Skin Rejuvenation At Home


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We all need that clear facial skin one way or the other. While a lot of people are seeking expensive means to get this, it will interest you to know that simple home practices can go a long way to help you achieve that. One important thing to note is that you can’t really achieve this if all you do is feed on oily and junk foods all day and also skip some important skincare routine. Here I’ll show you how you can make infused water for skin rejuvenation at home, to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and clear.

Homemade infused water for skin rejuvenation

What Is Infused Water

Infused water is simply soaking water with flavours and all-natural nutrients from fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, hence the name. It is packaged in bottles, and can be drunk all day long to achieve that clear skin, counteract cravings for food, sodas and other addictions.

It can increase your vitamin intake, and can also increase your natural water consumption. Which helps to clear your skin, speed up your body’s metabolism, boost energy levels, prevent cramping, and many other important benefits.

Types Of Infused Water

Not everyone enjoys the taste of ‘plain’ water and not everyone loves to go for carbonated or soda drinks. Infused water is becoming more and more enjoyable by many for its various beauty and health benefits. It is packaged in bottles, and can be drunk all day long to achieve that clear skin, counteract cravings for food, sodas and other addictions.

There are three common types of infused water and they include:

Fruits infused water:

Fruits infused water for clear skin

This is basically fruits infused in water with added flavour to taste or spices to bring a new taste to it. Any fruits will serve for this so you are free to choose whichever one you want based on your taste or their beauty benefits.

This is great for clear skin as most fruits are know for one skin beauty benefit or another. Find out what your skin needs and feed it rightly through the use of nutrients in fruits.

Herbs infused water:

Herbs infused water for smooth skin

You can infuse herbs in water if you want to achieve a particular beauty goal. All herbs can do one thing or t e of other so your choice of herbs should be what you are willing to get. For this recipe, you may need to add sweeteners just so you are able to drink the infused water freely.

Though herbs are mostly for health care, they can still work well to help you brighten your skin and leave it clear.

Vegetables infused water:

Vegetables infused water for clean skin

It’s no longer news that vegetables can be a great option for body detox and this means getting rid of toxins in the body which will in turn leave you with a clearer and better hydrated skin. Vegetables are numerous with lots of amazing benefits so just be sure to pick those that can blend well together and work with them. A sweetener can come in handy too if you find it difficult drinking it like that.

All the above can be infused as one depending on your personal choice. And they can also be taken individually, still depending on what you like.

Why You Need To Switch To Infused Water For Clear Skin

If you are trying to skip on carbonated drinks and sodas that you have been addicted to, and looking for a naturally flavoured drink but with more water content to keep you hydrated and leave your skin looking fresh and clear, go for the Infused water!

No doubt that drinking enough water is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Our bodies are made of 60 percent water, and every drop of fluid facilitates healthy circulation, digestion, regulation of body temperature and the flow of nutrients in the body.

If you are not getting enough water, you will dehydrate, can get dry skin, feel fatigued, muscle pain and stiffness, and even constipation. Dehydration mostly affects the look of your skin. So, you need to go for drinks that will help you to drink more water. This cocktail is definitely your best bet.

Benefits Of Taking Infused Water

The benefits of drinking infused water are numerous. However, here are a few that will interest you:

  • Clear skin, both inside and out.
  • Facial weight loss.
  • Detoxification.
  • Healthy and clean skin.
  • Improved facial looks.
  • The perfect complement to a healthy diet.
  • Instant power booster and satisfies hunger easily.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Acts as anti-ageing.
  • They have excellent taste and inspire you to drink more water and to hydrate the body enough.
  • Properly hydrated body effectively gets rid of waste products through the natural process of detoxification through the kidneys, liver and skin.
  • More water intake helps you feel complete and removes a false sense of hunger that occurs due to dehydration.

Also note that drinking water mixed with fruit instead of buying juice that contains sugars gives you a substantial health benefit especially for your overall skin.

Maintaining clear and smooth skin

Drinks To Avoid To Maintain A Smooth, Clear Skin

One healthy thing to help in your healthy lifestyle and getting that smooth and clear skin; is to avoid some drinks which do nothing but bring more calories into your skin and nothing more. Here are some you need to avoid:

  • Carbonated and fizzy drinks (also called soft drinks) no matter what the ingredients in it are.
  • Power drinks.
  • Drinks with refined sugar and colourants.
  • Artificially flavoured water.
  • Diet drinks.
  • Syrups.
  • Instant sachet powder drinks.

Most importantly, always look through the list of ingredients of any drink you want to consume. Any ingredient that is unknown, suspicious, sugary, or fatty is an indication the drink is not so natural after all, so avoid it.

Instead of any of the above, try preparing bottles of infused water to take along with you wherever you go; home, school, office, field, gym, shops etc. Just learn to sensitize and condition your psyche to start loving water. Even your family members and friends will begin to enjoy drinking your naturally flavoured water once you introduce them to it.

How To Make Infused Water At Home For Skin Rejuvenation

Infused water for skin rejuvenation is now the new skin routine people go for to get that clear skin.

Ingredients To Prepare Homemade Infused Water

To prepare your homemade infused water, get the following first:

  • Fruits:

Like banana, lemon, mango, orange, pineapple, watermelon etc. You can get as much as you want because you are doing it to your taste. You can also choose the variety of fruit you want to mix yourself. There is no rule to choosing any fruit.

  • Distilled Water:

This is the water you find on the cover of your kettle or pot when boiling water ie the drops water that was trying to evaporate. To get this, you can place a pot on a source of heat, cover it with a lid bigger than it but slightly pointed at one end. Place a bowl under the pointed end and collect the water that drops from the cover when it starts boiling.

  • Fresh leaves:

Mint leaves, lemongrass leaves, bitter leaves (optional)S

  • Spices:

Like ginger, garlic cloves etc (optional) go give an additional taste to the mixture.

  • Tea:

Such as green tea, raspberry (optional) for extra benefits.

Preparing Infused Water For Skin Rejuvenation

When you have all the ingredients you need for an infused water, next is to start preparing it following the steps below:

  • In a bottle or jar or even bowl, add some distilled water.
  • Add your slices of fruits: Orange, cucumber, banana, lemon, watermelon, lime or dry fruit( raisins) etc. Orange rinds and lemon peels can also be added if you want.
  • Add the remaining optional ingredients: fresh leaves like mint leaves, lemongrass leaves, bitter leaves; Spices like ginger, garlic cloves; Tea like Green tea, raspberry.
    If you don’t want to add any of these extra ingredients, just skip to the next step.
  • Leave for some minutes. This will allow everything get absorbed in water and all the nutrients fully extracted.
  • Place in the fridge and allow it to chill.
  • Drink it alone or with a dish/snack.
Here are some tips to make the drink enjoyable:
  • Don’t add too many optional ingredients at a time; use 2-4 ingredients at a time, too much in the drink will make it bitter, cluttered and prone to lose taste faster.
  • Add honey or unsweetened sugar if you need more sweetness, though it is preferable to drink the infused water in its natural state.
  • Add some flavouring (vanilla, strawberry) if you want, for a nicer scent.

Just get creative with this and create your own drink to suit your taste. Package them properly in infused water pitchers like this one on Amazon, and store in your refrigerator as they can stay long as far as they remain cold.

infused water pitcher for skin rejuvenation
Click to check out this glass pitcher on Amazon

So, have you tried this infused water recipe? What was it like? What were the improvements?

Let’s hear them below.




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  1. I take infused water almost daily. It keeps me full and my skin is turning out healthier and clearer. Trust me, if you aren’t doing this, you are missing out on a lot!


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