How to Remove Acne Scars and Help your Skin Heal Faster


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It is estimated that acne affects 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30. Acne is one thing while the scars are another. Acne may eventually go away but the scars, on the other hand, can linger and are a bit tougher to deal with. Scar treatment has come a long way, but there are many things you can do to help reduce, remove acne scars and leave your face looking and feeling smooth and pretty.


What Are Acne Scars?

First, you need to know that acne scars are created when the skin tissue is damaged. Doing things like picking at and popping your pimples can definitely damage your skin and cause it to scar. The sad thing is, even if you’re really careful with your skin, scars can still develop.

Severe blemishes that are very inflamed are more likely to scar. It’s just that some people are just very prone to scarring and even have minor blemishes leaving scars on their skin.

Most importantly, don’t waste time using over-the-counter products if you have noticed some very severe scarring on your skin. Instead, try to seek out a dermatologist and follow their directions exactly how they tell you. Once your skin is fairly clear, then you can decide on what steps need to be taken next.

What Are The Types Of Acne Scars?

There are two types of acne scarring.

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scars.
  • Depressed or atrophic scars.

The Keloid or hypertrophic scarring is where the skin creates new fibres of collagen (the protein that gives skin strength and flexibility) whereby these scars are raised above the skin’s surface and are more unusual.

Depressed or atrophic scars, on the other hand, fall into the following categories:

  • Ice Pick Scars: About 65–70% of atrophic scars are ice pick scars. They are deep, narrow (around 2mm wide) scars that look similar to open pores.
  • Rolling Scars: About 15–25% of atrophic scars are rolling scars. They are caused by damage under the skin and are usually wider than 4–5mm and also lead to shadowing on the skin surface.
  • Boxcar Scars: They are normally round scars, similar to rolling or chickenpox scars; commonly wider at the surface and often compared to craters.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

Scarring can be an unpleasant side effect of acne breakouts reminding you of the acne moments you’ve had. Acne scars are the product of an inflamed lesion or blemish which occurs just when our pores becomes filled with excess oil, bacteria, dead skin cells or other impurities. This can cause it to swell and break. If this happens near the skin’s surface and is quite small, it can heal itself quickly. On the other hand, if the break is deeper and infected fluids reach your dermis (the tissue under your skin), the skin will go-ahead to repair the damage done by forming new collagen fibres to provide the skin with extra flexibility and strength. However, this “repair” done doesn’t entirely leave your skin looking flawless and smooth. But on the bright side, it’s possible to minimize the damage to your skin.

How To Reduce or Get Rid of Acne Scarring

Acne scars can be an unfortunate side effect of pimples and so we took the time to gather some helpful ways on how to heal your acne scars and get your skin looking smooth again. Even though you MAY not be able to remove acne scars completely, you can still reduce the appearance of acne scars over time simply at home with some common-sense measures.

For information about acne scar removal or reduction, here are tips we gathered for you on how to reduce your acne scars and improve the appearance at home using non-prescription remedies:

  1. Avoid The Sun
  2. Moisturize Your Skin
  3. Stay Hydrated Always
  4. Check Your Diet
  5. Adopt The Use Of Essential Oils

1. Avoid The Sun:

Always remember that the sun’s strong UV rays trigger your melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) and this can darken your skin and make scars appear more visible. Try to wear sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, and reapply often when outside. As the sun is at its strongest from 10 am to 4 pm, try to avoid direct sunlight during these hours to help your skin heal.

2. Moisturize Your Skin:

Your skin needs moisture to heal and improve its appearance. The top layer of your skin alone can absorb three times its weight in water. If you suffer from acne scarring on your skin, moisturize with this Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Lotion. It is formulated with nutrients and multi-layer moisture to penetrate deep down and can help keep skin hydrated and healthy-looking. Some other good moisturizers we recommend include:

3. Stay Hydrated Always:

Yes, this may have become a constant reminder everywhere you look but you have to know that you cannot underestimate the function of water in clearing out things in the body. If you can consume enough to always help with the flushing out of toxins from the system, you are doing a good job.

4. Check Your Diet:

You may be shocked to find out that your diet can make your skin take a while to clear. Avoid foods that aren’t healthy, stick with enough greens and fruits that contain lots of water.


Balance your meals properly and try not to eat at odd hours or skip when you should not.

5. Adopt The Use Of Essential Oils:

Essential oils can work wonders for your acne scars if you pick the right one that will work effectively and leave your face smooth and firm. A lot of people are yet to add this to their beauty routine because they do not fully understand what it can do for them. The good thing with essential oil is that it helps your skin get rid of foreign presence like blackheads, acne, pimples, acne scars and the likes. they usually have no harmful side effects and comes in different variants like anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, pore cleanser, pimple/acne/spots remover etc, to help you get the perfect and flawless skin.

Note that they aren’t overnight magic oils and so don’t expect your scars gone after one night. Patiently and consistently use it and you will begin to notice a change. If you have an extreme case of acne scars, this method may not completely work for you. Try a dermatologist.

We have done the work for you and selected the best ones that work faster and still delivers the best result. Here are the ones on the top of the list:

This 100% Pure Natural Moisturizer includes only one ingredient: 100% organic cold-pressed rosehip oil. It is unrefined, paraben-free, fragrance-free and preservative-free so you’ll receive only the purest oil. Rosehip oil delivers a variety of health benefits for your skin, hair, and nails. Deeply hydrating it can work deep in your scar and allow you to gradually reduce the appearance



This product contains Lavender, Rose and Tea Tree extracts. It lets the skin absorb moisture and nutrition, conditions the skin for a delicate skin-tight look. It maintains skin moisture balance, improves skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improves skin hydration, restores skin elasticity and leaves skin rosy, glowing and supple. Constant use will eventually clear your acne scars except in very extreme cases.

The ArtNaturals Tamanu Oil is cold-pressed from top-quality tree nuts which makes it a powerful, effective treatment in healing acne, wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin. Tamanu oil works to regenerate skin rapidly. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties, is a natural antioxidant, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Used on your scalp or skin, the oil soothes and rejuvenates, quickly beginning to stimulate new, healthy skin. Tamanu oil also has pain-reducing properties, aiding in treating sciatica and shingles. It is very easily absorbed by your skin and has a light, pleasant scent, making it an ideal product for almost any skin ailment, or to use as a part of your everyday skincare routine.

Other cosmetic procedures/treatments

Aside from these non-prescription home remedy for acne scars, here are some cosmetic procedures/treatments offered by medical professionals you can look into:

Some procedures are available for acne scars however, you should always talk to a qualified dermatologist about the advantages and risks before choosing to go for any. Some of the recommended cosmetic procedures for acne scars include:

  1. Dermabrasion
  2. Laser Treatment
  3. Punch Technique

1. Dermabrasion:

This is the removal of the top layer of the skin using a fast rotating device. Dermabrasion can remodel the structural proteins of your skin, thereby making it look smoother.

2. Laser Treatment:

There are two types of laser treatment. Ablative laser treatment which removes a small patch of skin to leave a smoother area; and Non-ablative laser treatment where a laser stimulates collagen growth, tightens skin and repairs the damage caused by scarring.

3. Punch Technique:

This can be used to treat ice pick and deep boxcar scars. There are different versions of the punch technique, but all of them involve surgically removing the scars and smoothing the skin.

How Can You Prevent Acne Scars?


The thing is, even if you treat your breakouts correctly, you may still end up having acne scars. So, here are a few simple preventive steps that could help you prevent and reduce acne scars that may appear on your skin:

  1. Don’t Squeeze Your Pimples When They Appear
  2. Develop a Skincare Routine
  3. Drink Lots Of Water:
  4. Visit A Dermatologist

1. Don’t Squeeze Your Pimples When They Appear:

A pimple is simply a localized infection of a pore. Remember that your hands carry oils and bacteria and so touching (or worse, squeezing) your pimples can cause additional infection and further inflammation of the skin. Note that the more inflamed your acne becomes, the greater the chances of scarring. You sure wouldn’t want this so keep your hands away from your face.

2. Develop a Good Skincare Routine:

Committing to a healthy skincare routine can promote clearer skin, and may result in fewer breakouts. Go for a mild soap or gentle cleanser and avoid overuse of abrasive products like facial scrubs and astringents to reduce promoting certain skin issues. Be sure to avoid overwashing too as this can irritate the skin further.

3. Drink Lots Of Water:

I really can’t overemphasize this. Just have a bottle of water handy anytime you step out so you are always taking a sip. It helps flush toxins from the system and this would really go a long way in your acne scar removal journey.

4. Use Essential Oils As Much As You Can:

Essential oil has worked for a lot of people, and still working for more people in helping to prevent or reduce the presence of acne scars on their skin. Most of these essential oils are made from pure and natural ingredients without preservatives so, you can be sure you are getting the right solution for your skin issue. You mustn’t have a scar or a spot before you can start using it, you can use it to keep your skin firm, free from wrinkles and hydrated. When you see the ingredients you will understand that it can be a lot of things. You can scroll up a little to see the top three (3) effective essential oils we recommended for you!

5. Visit A Dermatologist:

If you’re obviously struggling to control your acne, just go ahead and visit your dermatologist. He or she will help you come up with strategies to reduce pimples and the chances of scarring.


Not everyone has perfect skin. A lot of people have had a pimple, a scar or a blemish at some point. While you can’t remove your acne scars completely, you can reduce the acne scars and learn to embrace your skin with time.

So, let’s hear from you. What are your acne stories? Or what would you like to add to the above post we may have missed?




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