Review Of Clean & Clear Oil-Free Blackhead Clearing Cleanser


The clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser from UK’s number 1 clear skin brand – Johnson and Johnson, has become a new trend we can’t simply ignore. The brand has been filling our cosmetic shelves with different range of products we can’t resist. From cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, face wash and more, you will always find … Read more

Chemical And Physical Exfoliation: Which Is Better/Safer? And 4 Best Exfoliants


here are two major types of exfoliation, there is chemical and physical exfoliation. A lot of people who want to start taking exfoliating the skin seriously are usually at a loss as to which is better and safer. There have been lots of debates around which is ideal for our skin and in the end, … Read more

All About Caike Red Ginseng Whitening & Spot Removing Face Cream


I have been getting a lot of questions and comments from people who want to buy or intend to buy this Cai ke Red Ginseng Face Whitening & Spot Removing Cream. They are always concerned about what the cream can do to them and so they wanted to hear my review about it. Though I … Read more

How To Make AHA Fruity Facial Pack For Clear Face


Alpha hydroxy acid, also called AHA facial treatments are basically used to exfoliate the face and give way for a more radiant and even-toned face. If you are looking to safely exfoliate your face with natural ingredients and fruits, this post will interest you. Allow me to explain to you what the facial pack is … Read more

Why You Need A Facial Moisturizer: Best 4 For All Skin Types


Whatever you decide on to do regarding your facial routine, a moisturizer is an extremely necessary formulation to get winning results in your routine. While your cleanser will remove the dead skin cells, dirt and microorganism from your face, the moisturizer will lock in water by either interfering and preventing it from escaping from the … Read more

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