6 Simple Homemade Eye Creams To Get Rid Of Black Under-eye Circles


If you have aged a little, gone through so much stress, used a face cream that went wrong somewhere or just naturally find yourself with black circles under your eyes; I can proudly tell you that this will be one less thing for you to worry about now. Black under-eye circles have been a very … Read more

Simplest Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes


The last thing we all want is having bags under our eyes. While they typically are nothing to panic over, dark circles around the eyes can make you feel and look older and also cause you to use tons of makeup just to keep it out of sight.ย It’s a good thing to know that by … Read more

How to Tighten Loose/Sagging Skin Under Eyes Naturally & Other Remedies


Sagging skin is a common sign of ageing, due to the loss of your skinโ€™s elasticity. Having to deal with sagging skin under the eyes is a concern for a lot of people so it’s necessary to understand how to tighten sagging skin under the eyes. The skin around your eyes, including your eyelids, can … Read more

How To Create Simple Smokey Eyes For Beginners (With Video)


If you started out like me and struggle each time you try to get that smokey eye effect, I totally understand that feeling. It was a war for me to understand how to create simple smokey eyes, especially as a beginner. I wasted precious eyeshadow makeup and most times I gave up and wiped it … Read more

How to Treat Dry Skin Around your Eyes at Home

dry skin under eyes

Dry skin around the eyelids can be common during cold months but still, some people experience it on normal days. The skin under the eyes and on the eyelids is thinner and is less able to retain moisture leaving it vulnerable to drying out. It is usually air-drying the skin out and flakiness appearing around … Read more

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