The Ultimate Guide To Eye Makeup Application: What To Do And Avoid


Due to the ever-evolving nature of makeup, almost everyone is now becoming a fan. Today, the trend in makeup now aims at more natural and sultry looks or, a wilder colourful glam look. Not to mention that the eye (and maybe lips) is the most important thing people tend to notice once they look at … Read more

Beginner’s Guide To Applying Bronzer Like A Pro (With Video)


Using a, or applying bronzer on your face is a great way to add an attractive, natural-looking glow to your face. A lot of people have wondered where it is all that important to your makeup. The simple answer is, bronzer is a very important makeup item to use if you want to perfectly complete … Read more

Makeup And Skincare Essentials For Your Birthday


Birthdays are special days for us and even though some of us may not want to throw a big party for one reason or the other, we always look forward to making the day count either. So if you are up for just hanging out with friends, going to a fancy restaurant or your favourite … Read more

How To Create Simple Smokey Eyes For Beginners (With Video)


If you started out like me and struggle each time you try to get that smokey eye effect, I totally understand that feeling. It was a war for me to understand how to create simple smokey eyes, especially as a beginner. I wasted precious eyeshadow makeup and most times I gave up and wiped it … Read more

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